January 2022, FacilityAXS News Magazine
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Merchants & Retailers

In These Times of Great Challange, Retailers are Doing Business Online

According to one source, "Retailing in the United States will continue to evolve in 2017. Despite boasting nearly 4 million retail establishments in the United States, supporting 42 million jobs and contributing $2.6 trillion each year to the nation’s gross domestic product (according to the National Retail Federation), retailers will continue to face major challenges this year as the industry adapts to a new economy and changing consumer preferences and expectations. Successful retailers will need to have a keen eye trained on a variety of trends and issues affecting the industry and their businesses."

This now includes trends created by the realities of a Global Pandemic.

How FacilityAXS™️ can Help Merchants and Retailers? 

Research Shows That Every Merchant/Retailer Has 2 Primary Marketing Goals …

  1. Find & attract new customers for their businesses, without wasting their advertising budgets!

  2. Stay In touch with their existing customers AND bring them back to their business more often!

FacilityAXS' Marketing Strategy Can Help Solve Both Goals, and MORE …

  1. Help merchants to be found by consumers searching online for their goods while reducing the cost of advertising, and 

  2. Help merchants build their businesses by increasing sales while maintaining a direct connection with existing customers.

  3. Show merchants how they can convert their operations to include online sales and delivery.

Example of Online Merchant Conversion 

Added Benefits of Membership

  • Customer Loyalty App with Coupons
  • Being able to connect with customers directly
  • Building a "Brand" that is relevant in today's society
  • Taking a hospitality view when it comes to customer service,
  • Bring relevant as far as technology is concerned,
  • Developing Internet presence and an e-commerce capability.

You Can Never Have Too Much FREE or 
Low-Cost Exposure.