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Affiliates and Partners

Earn Recurring Monthly Income

FacilityAXS Members can Earn a Recurring Monthly Income...

As an Affiliate and Channel Partner of Vendasta, FacilityAXS is Authorized to Establish its Members as Affiliates and/or Partners of Vendasta

Vendasta - The all-in-one Platform for companies selling to local businesses

Find products to sell, market with ease, and fulfill under your brand. With Vendasta, you can deliver an amazing experience for your customers and truly make a difference.

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 Two Paths to Financial Gain

FacilityAXS Members can opt to be Affiliates or Channel Partners of Vendasta

Affiliate Program

Affiliate marketing involves earning a commission by promoting and driving sales of Vendasta products or services. You get paid every time you drive a sale.

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Channel Partner Program

A Channel Partner works directly with Vendasta to more efficiently market and sells digital marketing and technology solutions to small/medium businesses.

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