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Posted By HonuaTree Education Affiliate ! on 07/30/2020

Distance Learning Narrative

Distance Learning Narrative

HonuaTree EduPreneur Initiative

HonuaTree EduPreneur Distance Learning 

The HonuaTree Distance Learning Initiative (HDLI) is an innovative supplementary learning center designed to serve students from surrounding school districts and the local community and is committed to raising academic achievement levels and providing opportunities for students to meet high expectations.  The curriculum of the HDLI links core academics, project-based learning, and technology to systemic change at each grade level and developmental level in concert with Local Educational Agencies (LEA) and aligned with the (State’s) Model Content Standards.  (Correlation of the (selected curriculum) curriculum to the (name of State) state standards completed – available)

The HDLI mission is to provide a technology-rich learning environment for a diverse group of students.  The center’s rigorous and relevant curriculum will focus on reading, math, science, language arts, and technology with the goal of increased student achievement, by preparing students to become knowledgeable, thoughtful and engaged citizens who will be able to think, collaborate, communicate, coordinate, and create. 

Narrative: Element I, Program – Item 1

All curriculum used by the HDLI is aligned to (name of State) State Standards and to proven relevant research. To ensure effective teaching and learning, the key elements of the curriculum include content, process, and product in an enriched environment with adequate resources and computer technology access.

(The State) Licensed and HDLI trained instructors will provide quality classroom instruction that is researched-based and specifically designed to increase student achievement in alignment with the (name of State) State Standards.

The individual plan for each student will be based on the adopted curriculum, the developmental level of the student, and individualized student needs in an integrated format based on brain research. 


  • · Increase the number of underrepresented students who succeed in math, reading, science, language arts, and technology at each grade level.  Underrepresented students include ethnic and gender students from low-income families.
  • · Develop strong reading, math, science, language arts, and technology skills.
  • · Demonstrate continuing academic performance improvement on standardized tests.
  • · Develop strong oral and written communication skills in each student.
  • · Develop strong technical skills in each student.
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