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Posted By FacilityAXS.net On 07/24/2020

My Story and the History of FacilityAXS

Sam Harrell Talks Doing Business During COVID-19 on Live Broadcast High-Velocity Radio

Our products are designed to help consumers and businesses accomplish their respective buyer/seller objectives while achieving the primary theme created by COVID-19, which is “Stay Home and Stray Safe.”
Not surprisingly, a number of mobile apps, such as DoorDash and GrubHub were already in existence prior to COVID-19. These apps I just spoke of specializing in enabling consumers to purchase only foods from restaurants that deliver.

NOW, while our axs2deals app can also be used to order foods, we also empower other business categories with the same capability. After all, the food services industry is not the only industry that can serve its customer base by adopting a delivery function into its operations.
Also, there are many coupon-based products out there these days that charge the businesses using the commissions on sales and middleman fees.

With our app, Member-Businesses purchase a marketing plan for a flat monthly fee, which enables them to create and promote coupons that are published online and simultaneously on the app.

AT THAT POINT, Consumers are able to search for, find, and copy (or scan the coupon barcodes) into their smartphones, and redeem them at the POS (Point of Sale).

The financial transaction is left between the business and the consumer – FACILITYAXS RECEIVES NO SHARE IN THAT TRANSACTION WHATSOEVER.


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