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Background Verification services

Background Verification services

Riddhi Corporate Services Limited (RCSL) has a dedicated team of field executives who have Knowledge and experience in handling Background Verification Services.

To get any product or service, especially banking or telecom services, Contact point verification Services (CPV) are mandatory to reduce fraud and build successful relationships based on trust.

To Prevent Fraud, The Details and Documents that are provided by customers such as ID proofs, Address proofs, Income proofs, etc, need to be personally verified before the transaction can be processed.

The process of personal visits and verification is time-consuming and tedious and is generally outsourced to CPV service Providers like RCSL

for its quality of service and extensive reporting.

As a part of our Field Verification services, RCSL has developed a variety of tools and Andriod-based applications that allows our clients to monitor the activities of the field executives, where you can get live reports directly from our applications from the customer premises.

During the Field verification procedure, if any client wants to modify or add some additional fields or any information, then we are willing to accommodate them as the application is customizable.

As per the client's requirements, Our Field Verification team is capable of delivering high-quality field verification reports within the shortest possible turnaround times.

source : https://riddhicorporatesl.wixsite.com/field-verification/post/background-verification-services-rcsl

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