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Benefits of Condition Monitoring Solutions

Benefits of Condition Monitoring Solutions

Here are some of the advantages that manufacturing companies can derive from the data collected through condition monitoring solutions, that are collectively fueling Industry 4.0 revolution:

  • Product design improvements

  • New product development

  • Maximize production output through outage prevention

  • Planning and implementing smart maintenance

  • Reduce maintenance costs through effective incident management

  • Extend the lifespan of the equipment through machine condition monitoring

  • Optimize inventory of spares by prolonging equipment life

  • Focus on preserving safety by avoiding grave malfunctions which can lead to serious environmental disasters along with legal and financial repercussion

How Bridgera Can Help with Their Custom IIoT-based Condition Monitoring Solutions?

Bridgera has been developing custom IIoT monitoring solutions for its clients by combining leading edge technologies like IoT, Analytics, Mobility and Cloud. Bridgera Monitoring is a customizable and configurable framework that allows our clients to create alerts and alarms by combining business rules based on Condition Monitoring (IFTTT logic). We have a number of tools like our Digital Twin and Bridgera Self Service Reporting engine to help prototype and visualize your Use Case, so that you can minimize the total cost of ownership and time to market for your unique IIoT-based Condition Monitoring solutions.

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