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FPC flexible circuit board production process

At present, the FPC flexible circuit board production process mainly includes cutting, punching, black hole, copper plating, dry film, exposure, development, etching, dry film removal, decontamination cleaning, protective film, lamination, pure tin, gold plating , Screen printing, punching, electrical testing, reinforced film bonding, functional testing and other processes. The specific process flow is shown in the figure:

FPC circuit board clean production process control

It is a traditional habit of the electroplating industry to clean the plated parts with constant flow water, which not only wastes water resources, but also greatly increases the sewage treatment load. The following improvement measures can be adopted:

(1) Automatic assembly line operation: The circuit board is input into each sealed electroplating tank by the unwinding machine, which reduces the water consumption and waste water production to a certain extent.

(2) The electroplating solution is prepared with deionized water to reduce the entry of impurities into the electroplating tank, prolong the service life of the electroplating solution and reduce the amount of waste liquid.

(3) The electroplating solution (concentrated wastewater) carried by the plated parts enters the recovery tank, and the plated parts are cleaned with deionized water in stages, which reduces the volatilization of the solution and prevents the phenomenon of running, emitting, dripping and leaking caused by manual operation At the same time, pollution is reduced, and the loss of electroplating solution is reduced to ensure smooth production.

(4) The use of deionized water for the preparation and cleaning of the solution avoids the contamination of impurities in the solution, prolongs the service life of the electroplating solution, guarantees the quality of the product, and reduces waste water treatment costs.

(5) Intermediate products and solvents in the production process are recycled in time, which greatly reduces the generation and discharge of pollutants.

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