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How Technology is Disrupting the Digital Marketing Industry

How Technology is Disrupting the Digital Marketing Industry

The digital marketing industry, like many others, has suffered disruption; all the practices in the marketing world have changed in recent years. We no longer need to send multiple messages manually or answer calls. Instead, we have a high-quality chatbot system that replies to customers. All their requests are solved within seconds, but these systems are not perfect. 

Technology has pretty much changed almost every aspect of digital marketing. Do you want to know what other changes are affecting the industry? Keep reading. 

Big Data

Companies can use a lot of valuable customer data in their favor to create more meaningful strategies. We dare say that businesses that don’t allocate their resources towards data science are at risk of failure. Big data has completely changed the way digital marketing departments work. This helps marketers collect data more accurately and create strategies that will generate more leads. Today, most of the information is stored in cloud services, which stores company data safely and allows employees to retrieve it no matter where. 

Artificial Intelligence

In the past, artificial intelligence was only a thing of science fiction. Machines behaving like humans sounded extraordinary. However, today we use more Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques than you may think. Chatbots, smart speakers and automated voice systems are all AI-driven. And digital marketing is continually using them to create better communication systems for customers. 

Today, finding the best place to have dinner is as simple as saying: “Alexa, show me the closest Chinese restaurant.” To be closer to customers, more companies and marketers sync their brands’ sites and systems with smart speakers like Alexa.

Machine Learning

All of the products named above are powered by machine learning. Machine learning is a discipline that programs machines to identify data without human intervention. Machine learning engineering is a relatively new thing but is already taking over most industries. In marketing, machine learning can help marketers make complex statistics and analysis in minutes, which saves them a lot of time.

Data analysis is not the only application machine learning has in digital marketing. Machine learning also makes hyper-personalization possible. By combining sentiment analysis with machine learning techniques, companies can provide users with the most customized experience. If you’ve ever browsed through an online store and seen that it automatically shows the items you are interested in, know that this is part of machine learning.


Technology is changing everything, and digital marketing is no exception. This field will continue to evolve as technological advances. To remain competitive, companies must keep up-to-date with the latest developments in the field.