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Sensors and Actuators in IoT - Enabling Industrial Automation

Sensors and Actuators in IoT - Enabling Industrial Automation

IoT projects have more potential now than ever before. Sensors and actuators in IoT projects are key components of success. Sensors allow for machines in a system to receive data from the real world. On the other end, actuators allow the system to interact with the real world. As a result, the sensors and actuators available dictate the abilities of an IoT project. 

This is an exciting time because technological advancements in recent years have made these devices mainstream for a number of reasons. Mainstream adoption typically reduces production cost and makes these devices even more available. 

The sensors and actuators available today can work together with an enterprise software solution to enable almost any type of automation or remote monitoring. With basic knowledge of how these devices operate it becomes easy to see the potential an IoT solution can unlock. Join us as we explain various types of sensors and actuators in IoT projects

Bridgera consults with businesses to identify their pain points and discover the devices that can address them. From there, an IoT solution can be designed to stand alone, or integrate with your existing systems. 

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