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Posted By on 01/25/2022 in Category 1

The Automatic vacuum packing machine set off across the bottom

We took the plunge and ordered a machine. Automatic coffee powder vacuum packing machine arrived a few days later and we unpacked it being careful to remove the clingfilm which protects the rollers. Essentially the Aquabot Neptuno is a pump with a filter which is mounted on rubber caterpillar tracks and with two big stiff sponge rollers in front to do the cleaning. Inside is a bag which collects the detritus from the bottom of the pool. The power supply is 12V DC which comes via a 230/240V transformer (supplied). The cable trails across the surface of the water therefore the Aquabot Neptuno should not get tangled in its own power lead.

Your machine certainly plays a large part of the final taste of your coffee but there are other factors which come into play. To ensure you deliver the best taste make sure you use fresh coffee beans and not stale beans that have been pre-ground two weeks earlier and left in an open container. The coffee is only about 2% of the overall ingredient in your coffee! Using the best type of bean is also critical - Arabica coffee is more delicate and give a fantastic aroma when brewed. If you can, invest in a coffee grinder to ensure freshly ground coffee every time.

We launched the machine and waited the requisite 20 minutes while the rollers absorbed the water. If you don't do this, then there can be a build-up of friction and either your liner or the rollers may get damaged.

The Automatic vacuum packing machine set off across the bottom of the pool travelling much faster than we had expected - almost at the fastest pace one could have walked through the water at. Unfortunately, after a few minutes it stopped and we had to restart it (wait 45 seconds and switch it on again). This kept happening and we soon concluded it was faulty although we did agree that what it had cleaned, it had cleaned effectively and gently.

Kaltech listened to our complaint, didn't argue and arranged for a replacement to be tested and sent out to us. We packaged up the old one and took it to our local courier (the agreement is that we pay for the courier to the UK, they pay for the courier to us).

This Automatic Packaging machine steps to take and avoid before and after you bring home the wizz bang top of the line model you are considering buying from Amazon. Hopefully these steps and suggestions will help you make a more informed decision and save you many frustrating hours wishing you had bought another brand or model in the first place.

The first feature of any new coffee machine you should ask for is for your machine to be pump driven. The bigger the pump the quicker the extraction but beware you need to make sure that the pump can deliver at least a constant 9 bars of pressure not "capable of 15 or 19 bars". Good extraction times typically occur at 9 bars. So look for a machine that is pump driven. This will ensure your extraction is strong enough to deliver delicious crema full of flavor in the right amount of time.

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