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Trouvaille ~ A lucky travel find for you!

Trouvaille ~ A lucky travel find for you!

Trouvaille is rapidly expanding to become a global player in the small group experiential travel market. With a staff of travel experts with experience in locations both local and global, in the U.S. and abroad, and expanding continuously, we are excited to bring you the best in travel that will expand you horizons, fill your views, and let you experience all that the world has to offer. 

For 2018, we offer experiential, week-long, uniquely curated and hosted trips to South Beach, Florida (February 18-25, 2018), the Big Island of Hawaii (April 7-14, 2018), a fabulous small ship Caribbean sail (August 19-25, 2018), and a getaway weekend to Napa Valley (November 2-5, 2018). In addition, we offer monthly social events and regular day trips in Tucson, Arizona and New York, NY, which are both headquarters for Trouvaille. 

Plans for 2019 are also in development as we already have an incredible 10-day experience in Vietnam planned (October 2019) as well as an immersive experience in France that will be made public soon and should occur in the first half of 2019.

Visit our website at www.trouvaille.club to stay current of our travel offerings, join our email list, and write to us at info@trouvaille.club if you have any questions.

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