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Tucson's Best Choice for Tree Trimming & Maintenance

Tucson's Best Choice for Tree Trimming & Maintenance

Arizona Land & Tree has over 30 years of experience providing the widest range of tree services in southern Arizona. We are your best choice for tree trimming, tree maintenance and tree removal for every kind of tree, including palm trees.

Contact us for all your tree services including large tree removal, property clean outs, commercial property tree and Palm tree maintenance.



  • Palm trees add a distinctive, elegant touch to your property. Yet, each kind of palm tree presents its own specific challenges.
    Our crews are experts in palm tree trimming. And, we can remove any kind of palm tree, no matter how tall.



    • Here in Tucson’s harsh weather, periodic tree trimming helps your trees live longer and look better.
      We can help – Arizona Land & Tree is home to southern Arizona’s best tree trimmers. We’ll trim branches to keep them away from power lines and other property. Specializing in preventive maintenance and monsoon damage. We also provide one-time property clean-ups.



    • We’ll remove unhealthy or dangerous limbs and trees from your property. Our crews are fully insured and highly experienced, and we offer Tucson’s most affordable tree removal services.
      We remove trees big and small, and we specialize in tree removal from tight spaces as well as other challenging tasks.



  • In addition to removing and trimming trees, AZ Land and Tree also relocates and plants trees for homeowners and businesses. Our knowledge about trees comes in handy when understanding which tree do well in the Tucson soil. As an example, many of the trees at big box stores are grown in other regions and may thrive in other regions of the United States, but may not adjust well to the Tucson’s climate.   We can help you choose the right trees to plant that will last a lifetime.
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