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Unlimited Coupons for Less

Unlimited Coupons for Less

Stop Paying Too Much for Coupons!

Studies show that some coupon promotion companies charge as much as 50% of the sale on any coupon that is redeemed by a consumer. In some cases, they also charge middleman fees for the services they provide. 

The question becomes; What's left for the business?

Well, no more!

Today's technology empowers businesses with the ability to create, control, and promote their own coupons without excessive cost.  Membership in FacilityAXS enables businesses to do just that; create their own coupons, and promote them online as well as on mobile apps for FLAT FEE of Less than $20 per year/pennies a day.

Membership in FacilityAXS can be yours for as little as $19.99 per year for the life of your membership. Click here and learn more!

Learn more at axs2Deals.com.

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