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Posted By on 10/26/2020

Boost Your Immunity With Vyom Alkaline Water Purifier


Excess amount of toxic compounds in the body means it will have to work extra hard to maintain its biological functions, this lead to weakness. By Drinking Alkaline water it neutralises these toxic compounds present in the body. Alkaline water is more easily absorbed by the body. This allows the body to use the water you drink effectively, and flushed all toxins and harmful substances are out of your system easily.

Drinking alkaline water daily can improve the performance of circulatory system. These all benefits of alkaline water work in tandem to make the immune system stronger. Vyom Alkaline Water Ionizer is a multifunctional water ionizer. It is the best Alkaline Water Ionizer in India with following features:

• Build in water filtering system to make sure the water quality is safe to use. • 11 pcs large size titanium with platinum coating plates, providing higher efficiency electrolysis to meet different needs. • 5 Healthy Water Options: 2 ionized alkaline and 1 hydrogen-rich, 1 non-ionized purified and 1 ionized acidic preset. pH range from 2.8 to 11

To know more features visit: https://www.vyominnovation.com/alkaline-water-ionizer/

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