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Posted by FacilityAXS.net on 09/26/2017 in Apparel
Refer A Member Earn 20%

Refer A Member Earn 20%

S. C. Harrell Consulting Services LLC


Earn20%ResidualTESTING APP

Participating FacilityAXS "Members" can earn 20% of the monthly membership fees paid by their Referred Member(s).

  • You must be a FacilityAXS Member yourself to participate; even if its a FREE Membership. 
  • You must also have a Referral Code to give to your referred party.  Referral Codes are only available upon request from FacilityAXS at referralcode@facilityaxs.net.

Everyone knows someone that can benefit from being a FacilityAXS Member.  Why not earn a residual income by helping them reap those benefits?

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