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Member Coupons

The axs2Deals app Rewards Customer Loyalty with Access to Discounted Coupon

axs2Deals Member Coupons

Through this ConsumersAXS™️ landing page, FacilityAXS offers Consumers three (3)  ways to find coupons offering the best prices anywhere; 

  1. The Streaming Coupon Banner on the FacilityAXS homepage, 

  2. the axs2Deals website, and 

  3. The axs2Deals Customer Loyalty App app - available via download.  

The axs2Deals offers a unique advantage to advertisers as they are able to create and promote their coupons as well as link them directly to their websites, social media accounts.

ONLY FacilityAXS PREMIUM PLAN MEMBERS can create and promote their coupons and promote their goods and services.
  • All coupons are automatically presented globally via the axs2Deals website 
    • No middleman fees, commissions, or added service fees
ALL CONSUMER SUBSCRIBERS can locate coupons posted by Premium Plan Member-Businesses via our Member Search Feature. 
  • With a FREE subscription in FacilityAXS, consumers can also qualify for additional discounts offered by Member-businesses.

Showing Customer Loyalty

Encouraging customer loyalty begins when businesses enable their customers with EASY and CONVENIENT access to their goods and services, without 


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