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September 2023 Member Magazine

Facts About BMI

In the Building Maintenance Industry (BMI), less than 1% of Building Service Contractors (BSC) command more than 80% of all contracts!

The Building Maintenance Industry

Included among the service types within the building maintenance industry are carpet and hard floor cleaners, handyman services, HVAC, janitorial, landscape, painters, plumbing, pressure washers, and snow removal.  

Globally some 30 to 50 of the larger Building Service Contractors (BSC)  providers command most of the available contracted floor space. This is primarily because they have more resources, which gives them a competitive advantage over the smaller BSC providers across the United States alone. The result; the “Big Guys” control the lion share of the BSC industry valued at $176.5 billion annually in the US.

FacilityAXS Facilitates Bridging the Gap Between the Big Guys and the Little Guys.

BIG GUYS typically (the Goliath's) have: a) long track records of satisfied customers due to market longevity; b) name recognition due to investments in their product/service branding; c) proven business tools that they've integrated company-wide, d) the ability to purchase supplies at volume discounts, e) large staff of employees, and f) better funding availability, including credit lines (invoice factoring).  These facts and others often give the Big Guys a competitive advantage.


Smaller BSC (the Davids), on the other hand, are typically those with 500 or fewer employees, earning less than $5 million annually according to the Small Business Administration (SBA).  They often:

  • Purchase supplies that tend to be far less expensive when purchased in volume, which the BIG GUYS can do more readily. More often than not, the smaller BSC are charged higher rates for the same product(s), 

  • Don't have access to reasonability priced business tools that can help them win more and better manage contracts and business,

  • Don't track job performance accurately, which leads to cost overruns and poor service quality,

  • Have difficulty understanding how to use digital-age solutions  to promote their goods and services to a larger audience of prospects, online,

  • Don't have the inability to offer employee benefits, such as healthcare for fear of breaking the bank, which contributes to the high cost of employee turnover,

  • Reduces their profit margins, resulting in a greater likelihood of going out of business sooner rather than later.

FacilityAXS Levels the Playing Field, Helping the Little-Guys Compete With the Big Guys, and Win.

FacilityAXS purpose is to "Level the Playing Field" for small- to medium-sized BSC and product suppliers; thereby, enabling them to compete more effectively and more often with the "Big-Guys". With the Market Partner products and services that are available through our online platform, our Members are able to improve their operational performance, enhance the Convenience of their services, and better assure Safety and Reliability.  The outcome of such Quality services include; 

  1. Reduced operating costs, 

  2. Greater online and local community presence, 

  3. Increased positive reputation with clients and industry peers, and

  4. Increased sales and productivity.