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Business RadioX (BRX) is a community of community builders that helps solopreneurs, professional organizations, and brands build a community around the people who matter the most to them.  BRX does this by helping our community leaders become the Voice of Business for the niche they serve.

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As an Affiliate and Ambassador of Business RadioX®, operating under the Oahu Business RadioX® banner, FacilityAXS is positioned to sponsor all shows produced by BRX for its Members - AT NO COST.

  • In addition to receiving a copy of the show for their personal use, once produced, each show is posted via the Business RadioX® network, which is distributed via RSS Feeds through a host of podcast platforms. 

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Operating as an Affiliate of Business RadioX®, FacilityAXS is positioned to record,  produce and distribute audios for all listed businesses desiring to tell the stories of their businesses AT NO COST.

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As a Business RadioX®, Ambassador of BRX operating under the Oahu Business RadioX® banner, FacilityAXS sponsors local Hawaiian businesses that share their shows on OBRX.

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Sample Stories Produced by OBRX®

Robin Stueber

Robin Stueber delivers powerful executive and wellness coaching to business owners and leaders because the most successful executives understand that attaining the highest levels of mental fitness and physical vitality is the real secret to reaching their highest potential.

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Sid Higa

Sid Higa, Director of Sustainable Relations with Vinio Sustainable Solutions, is an Air Force Veteran spending 6 years on active duty, 7 years with the Hawaii Air National Guard, and 11 years with the USAF Reserves.

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Genevieve Wasson

Genevieve Wasson,  Master Instructor with 101 Financial, was sick and tired of feeling like she could never get ahead financially. There was always another bill, always another payment, and no matter what she did. She couldn’t escape the worry that she was somehow getting it wrong.

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Charlies Teixeira-

Co-Owner 99 Hawaii

Charlies Teixeira was born on the North Shore of O’ahu where Kamehameha Highway becomes Route 99. The brand, Route 99, started with only two designs at a booth at the Haleiwa Farmers Market.

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John "Doc" Fuller

John Doc fuller   

Experienced the worst of humankind behind bars, but he refused to let that destroy him. He vowed that he would turn his life around and encourage others living on the edge to do so as well.

 Click here to learn more about John "Doc" Fuller.

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Samuel Harrell 

Samuel C. Harrell 

Entrepreneur, Auther, Business Developer, Owner/ Operator of S. C. Harrell Consulting Services, FacilityAXS.net, and Oahu Business RadioX®. 

Click here to learn more about the life of Sam Harrell.

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