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Bundles/Pre-Packaged Solutions

Digital Solutions and Services Packaged for You and Your Industry

FacilityAXS Members SAVE 50% off its Premium Marketing Plans when Bundling with 3rd-Party Digital Solutions and Services

The Basis of our Bundle Offerings

As an Affiliate of various 3rd-Party Vendors, FacilityAXS is authorized to offer a wide range of digital solutions and services that are designed to enhance the online experience of our members. 

The Foundation

Our Bundling programs begin with membership in the FacilityAXS directory, under one of our two (2) FacilityAXS Premium Marketing Plans

3rd-Party Solutions  
Are provided by our 3rd-Party Affiliations and include:

  • Digital solutions
  • Internet-based design services
  • Marketing and advertising services, and more

Enter Coupon Code: "Bundle2SAVE" when joining or upgrading, and SAVE 50% per month on Premium Marketing Plans when bundling with one 3rd-party digital solution.

Marketing Plans

3rd-Party Affiliate Solutions and Services

As an Affiliate/Partner of Vendatas, FacilityAXS is now authorized to offer a wide range of digital solutions designed to enhance the online experience of its members. 

FacilityAXS Digital Store

Chosen from 250+ curated products, Chosen from 250+ curated products, FacilityAXS offers best-in-class products at the guaranteed best wholesale prices. With up to 65% lower costs of products and services and no RFPs or volume commitments required, you can price your solutions competitively while maintaining healthy margins.

FacilityAXS Digital Store

Pre-Packaged Vendasata Toolkits

The following represent samples of the digital solutions that can be pre-packaged to serve the specific needs of businesses and their respective industries.

Business Listing

Bad news, we can't find any listings for your business, which means customers can't either.  On the positive side, the listings that we found are mostly accurate.  With 85% of consumers searching for a business online, you're listing revenue to your competitors. Add your business directories, and social sites to turn online searchers into customers. 

SEO Solutions

Potential customers are searching online for the products or services that your business offers.   With SEO (Search Engine Optimization), you can boost your visibility in those search results so that people find you before your competitors.

Social Media Solution 

It looks like you're posting on a billboard in the middle of nowhere! there are potential customers out there missing out on your wisdom, humor, and sage advice. 

E-commerce Solutions

More businesses. than ever before are selling products and services online.  Consumers see an online store as a sign of a reputable, established business. 

Digital Advertising

Potential customers are within your reach, whether they're searching Google, scrolling through Facebook, or browsing other sites around the web.  With digital advertising, you can put your business in the spotlight for that those people consider you before your competitors. 

Reputation Management

Alert!  You don't have any reviews! Did you know that Google ranks businesses with reviews ahead of businesses with no reviews? The recency, frequency, and quality of reviews are all significant drivers for clicks, calls, and search engine ranking.


We see that you have a website, but Google is telling us it might need a makeover. if you're interested, we're here to help.