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Referral Program

Any and All FacilityAXS Members Can Create a Recurring Passive Income for Themselves.

FacilityAXS offers all of its Members (paid and unpaid accounts alike) the opportunity to participate in its Referral Program.  This program is designed to create a recurring stream of residual income for participates.  
  • Note ... Members participating in this Referral Program can be of any membership level., including FREE, Professional, Pro-Plusand Enterprise members.


FacilityAXS issues a unique "Referral Code" to all members upon request, indicating that they wish to participate in the Referral Program.  

To participate in the Referral Program, Members must give their unique Referral Code to everyone (businesses, groups or individuals) 
they refer to FacilityAXS.  
  1. As an existing Account Members, you would simply: 
    • Recommend the FacilityAXS Buyers Network (FacilityAXS.net) to persons, businesses, and groups that you believe can benefit by becoming a Member(s).
    • Provide your unique Referral Code to those you are referring 
      • When the party you Referred joins the FacilityAXS Buyers Network, they must enter your Referral Code in the field named "Referral Code."  
        • This action will permanently link your Referral Code to the new Member to assure that you are compensated accordingly, even after an upgrade occurs.
  2. The Referred Party would simply:
    • Go to FacilityAXS.net, click on the red button entitled "Get Listed Today" at the top right corner. 
    • On the next page, click on the green "Create Listing" button under the plan that best serves their need, (FREE, Professional, Pro-Plus, or Enterprise), 
    • Complete their profile information, including the Referral Code, supplied by the FacilityAXS Member that referred them, if available
    • If a plan other than FREE is selected, they will also be required to fill in the credit card information. 
      • Unless otherwise defined by a special offer coupon.
  3. FacilityAXS administrator will be notified about all new Members and take the necessary administrative actions to assure compensation is applied as stated herein.

Participating Members will earn 20% of the monthly membership fee paid by their Referred Member(s). 
(FREE = $0.00 / Professional = $5.00 / Pro-Plus = $12.00 / Enterprise = $20.00)
Note:  Actual monthly payouts will take into account any and all special discounts that the referred parties may participate in.

Contact FacilityAXS Admin at referralcode@facilityaxs.net if you are a FacilityAXS Buyers Network Member and you don't already have a Referral Code?