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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is a sub-account?

A sub-account is a member account that is linked to a master account. The master account has complete control of the sub-accounts, including the ability to easily log in to sub-accounts from the master account, edit information of the sub-accounts, delete sub-accounts, and add new sub-accounts.

Q. Can I control how many sub-accounts a member can list in?

Yes. Sub Accounts is a membership feature that can be made available on our platform for Pro-Plus Plan members only. We can easily control how many additional listings our members can control from a single master account based on their membership level, or even choose not to allow this membership feature for certain membership levels.

Q. Do members need to micromanage all of their sub-accounts?

No. Members can customize each individual profile as much or as little as they like.  If a profile photo or logo is not uploaded for a specific sub-account, it will use the profile photo and/or logo of the master account by default.

Q. If I add someone with a sub-account, will they have the ability to post jobs and events on the same profile?

Yes.  A sub-account is essentially an independent account that will have all of the same features as the master account (it will be on the same membership level), except sub-accounts cannot create subaccounts.

The sub-account will be able to post its own jobs, events, etc. Those posts made in the sub-account will not display on the master account and vice versa. They are independent accounts, but the master has the power to login to the sub-accounts, delete subaccounts, etc.

Q. Can I create a unique email and password for someone to manage a specific sub-account?

Yes. You can create a unique email and password for a specific sub-account, allowing more than one person to access a sub-account. Someone managing a sub-account will not have access to the main account unless you provide them with the email and password to log in to that account. Sub-accounts can be completely different from the main account.

You can also use the same email address for as many or as few of the sub-accounts as you choose, but the password for each individual account must be unique.

Q. Will the Master account show up in search results?

Yes! Both master account and sub-accounts are treated the same as regular accounts in search results. 
For example, if a member’s primary office is in Denver, but he adds a sub-account for an office in Boston, only the Boston location will show in the search results for Boston (unless the Denver profile has chosen a Service Area or other setting that would cause the Denver office to also display). Also, if a visitor searches for Boston, the distance shown in the search results will be based on the location of the Boston office.

If a visitor did a search for Denver, only the Denver office would display in search results, and the Boston office would not (unless the Boston profile has chosen a Service Area or other setting that would cause the Boston office to also display).

In short, each master and sub-account is treated as a normal individual account in search results.

Q. What type of directory would want to offer this premium feature?

If your directory has members that have more than one physical location, you may wish to consider purchasing this feature. Members with multiple locations would be able to log in with a single username and password and access the accounts of all of their locations from a single master account.

For example, John has a fitness directory that lists gyms across the United States.  Billy owns 10 different gyms located in 10 different cities and wants to list all of them in the directory.  Normally, Billy would have to sign up for 10 individual accounts in order to list all 10 of his locations.  

With the Sub Accounts feature, John can offer a membership level that allows members to have up to 10 sub-accounts that are managed by a single master account.  Billy can then sign up for this membership level and control all 10 of his individual listings from a single master account and does not need to create 10 separate accounts.