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ISC Sales Representation

As an Online Business Directory that brings buyers and sellers together to conduct business at discounted rates, FacilityAXS.net offers sales professionals the opportunity to promote the sale of FacilityAXS memberships to businesses locally, nationally and globally.  

S. C. Harrell Consulting Services (SCHCS) is the owner / operators of FacilityAXS Business Directory.  With a special focus on the marketing and sales of Marketing Plans, FacilityAXS operates throughout the USA, as well as from other countries worldwide.  SCHCS is structured to accommodate the hiring of Independent Sales Consultant (ISC), located throughout the United States and elsewhere.  

Who Qualifies?

Companies from countries all over the world are joining the FacilityAXS Business Directory for greater exposure. Most of these companies offer discounted goods and services of some kind to their targeted audiences. Because of this growth, an opportunity now exists for persons and organizations identified below to become "Authorized" Independent Sales Consultants (ISC) with SCHCS; 

  1. Sales Professionals seeking a change in their product and service representation, 
  2. Private Citizens looking to a way to augment their earning, and even.

Why are we making this opportunity available in this way? Because, in this time of economic uncertainty, everyone is experiencing a negative impact on their financial security.  Besides, everyone is a "Consumer"; buying goods and services from businesses focused on increase their revenues.  So, against this backdrop, the real question for SCHCS became, can our business model be monetized to help both buyers and sellers improve their respective financial standing, while being successful in conduct business ourselves? Yes, we can!


  • There are NO contracts for businesses to complete.  They go to FacilityAXS to join and purchase one of our Paid Marketing Plans.  
  • There is NO follow up or handholding required by the ISC.  
  • The benefits!  YOU GET PAID and the BUSINESSES HAVE ACCESS to tools and features that enable them to promote their goods and services online at a fraction of traditional costs.

How Does the Management Process Work?

FacilityAXS Business Directory has a global reach.  Consequently, our Independent Sales Consultant (ISC) needs are unlimited, at this time.  SCHCS manages its global sales operation by first identifying at least one (1) "Authorized ISC" for a specific geographic area (City, State, County, Region, and Country).  

EXAMPLE ... As an example of how our global operations will be managed, SCHCS has divided the United States into six (6) regions, assigning one Authorized ISC for each region.  An individual Authorized ISC can be identified for each of the State within a region, as identified below:

Description: Map - Regional

  1. Pacific - Alaska, California, Hawaii, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, and Washington State.
  2. Rocky Mountain - Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Kansas, Nebraska, New Mexico, and Wyoming.
  3. North Central - North Dakota, South Dakota, Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri, and Wisconsin. 
  4. South Central - Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Texas.
  5. Northeastern - Connecticut, Delaware, Indiana, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey, New Hampshire, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Virginia, and Vermont.
  6. Southeastern - Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, SouthCarolina, Washington D.C., and West Virginia.
NOTE...  Islands of the Caribbean can also participate as well.

The Size of the US Markets and ISC Sales Potential?


ISC Sales Compensation Plan

MEMBERSHIP FEES ... Using the FacilityAXS Marketing Plans as the baseline, Sales Consultants shall be compensated on a recurring / passive income basis at twenty-percent (20%) of the monthly rate identified for the Marketing Plan selected by the Member-Business.  

Marketing Plan

Monthly Rate

20% Commission

Passive Income

  • FREE
No commission will be paid on this Plan

  • Professional
500 members x $2.00 = $1,000 / month

  • Pro-Plus
300 members x $6.00 = $1,800 / month

  • Enterprise Plan
100 members x $40.00 - $4,000 / month

Note... Commissions are only paid on PAID plans.  Therefore, it is important that ISC encourage the Businesses they recommend to select one of the Paid Marketing Plans.

 ADVERTISING ONLINE ... Using the Advertising Rate Card as the baseline, Sales Consultants shall be compensated at twenty-percent (20%) of the rate identified for the advertisement selected by the Member-Business or others purchasing an ad on FacilityAXS.net.  

However, unlike the recurring monthly commissions paid under Membership Fees, Commission paid for Online Advertising shall only occur when and if the party purchases an ad for placement on FacilityAXS or in one of its publications, as defined in the Advertising Rate Card.

How To Become an ISC 

Anyone interested in becoming an Authorized Independent Sales Consultant (ISC) of SCHCS must first complete following three (3) steps:

  1. Register as a Subscriber of FacilityAXS - ISC Subscriptions are FREE.  This action will establish a unique Subscriber ID Number, 
  2. Armed with the ID Number in hand, you must click on the "Click Here" button below and enter your "Request to Become an Authorized Sales Consultant of SCHCS", 
    • SCHCS will use your Subscriber ID Number as a "Referral Code" to track and report on all ISC activities, and to issue ISC commission checks.  
      • Completing this step will trigger an email of the following documents that you must complete.  
  3. Complete three (3) documents and return them SCHCS
    • An Independent Sales Consultant (ISC) Agreement, which will be emailed to the interest parties containing the Subscribers' unique ID Number. 
      • This is necessary for SCHCS to ensure compensations, which are paid to the right ISC for any and all businesses that join FacilityAXS resulting from their referral efforts.
    • W-9 Tax form, which establishes the ISC as a independent contractor for IRS purposes.
    • Direct Deposit Authorization form.

Relying on the the completion and return of the above documents from each Authorized ISC, SCHCS will credit the appropriate ISC for a membership sale and issue commission checks accordingly.  It is important, therefore, that interested parties follow the above steps before recommending that any business become a Paid Member of FacilityAXS.net.