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Membership Incentives

FacilityAXS Members NOW have Access to Free or Discounted INCENTIVES that SAVE them Money and IMPROVE Online Visibility.

Built-in Incentives

DISCOUNTS ... Enter Promo Cost "COVIDSpecial" at sign-up or upgrade to either the Professional or Enterprise Plans, and receive a discount over the above pricing. This discount will apply regardless of other discount offers.

REFERRALS ... All new and existing FacilityAXS members will receive a Fifty dollars ($50.00) credit for every business referred by them that selects one of our Premium or Custom Marketing Plans.

Affiliate/Market Partner Incentives

Offered in conjunction with FacilityAXS Membership Incentives Program, many of our Market Partners also offer certain products and services FREE or at a Discount when fellow members select one of our Premium or Custom Marketing Plans.

FREE Digital Broadcast Sharing Your Story with Your Target Audience

As an Affiliate of Business RadioX (BRX), FacilityAXS supports the BRX mission to build a community of community builders. Together, we help solopreneurs, professional organizations, and brands build a community around the people who matter the most to them.  We do this by helping our community leaders (you) become the Voice of Business for the niche you serve.  

Join over 70,000 Business and Community Leaders who have shared their story on the Business RadioX ® Network.

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FREE EZ Breeze Air Refresher Kit (Holder w/30 Day Sent Cartridge)

As an Affiliate of Fresh RIde Club, FacilityAXS offers a FREE EZ Breeze Air Refresher Kit to all new and existing members when they join FacilityAXS or upgrade to our Premium Enterprise Marketing Plan.  

Retailed at $19.99, this innovative product is ideal for drivers desiring to maintain a fresh aroma in their vehicle, while eliminating items hanging from their rearview mirror that can obstruct their front and rearview when driving.  The process:

  • FacilityAXS will place orders for an EZ Breeze Kit whenever new or existing members select one of its two Premium Marketing Plans, at no additional cost.  
  • All kits will be shipped directly to the member from the Fresh Air Club.  
    • There are no shipping and handling fees for deliveries within the US.
    • Please allow at least two weeks for delivery.
  • All subsequent orders of the replacement of fragrances will be solely between the members and the Fresh Ride Club.

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FREE Snapshot Report - Drive-up conversions with timely, relevant content

As an Affiliate of Vendasta, FacilityAXS offers businesses that join or upgrade to one of its two (2) Premium Plans will receive a FREE Snapshot Report, upon request.  Discover how your business is performing online and get valuable insight into multiple areas of your online presence.

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