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Celebrating Successful Growth Since 2017

The announcements presented below include activities that make FacilityAXS™️ a relevant source of information specific to the needs of our Member-Businesses

Average Growth Rate 550 New Members / Seven Days

As of January 2022, our Average Growth Rate was more than 550 new members every 7 days, and have now exceeded forty-four thousand (52,000 +) listed Business-Members from Around the Globe.

Since launching in 2017, our membership includes thousands of companies worldwide, including from the following countries; 
  • North America and Canada, to the Pacific Region, including Hawaii, Thailand, Singapore, and Australia; 
  • From the Caribbean Islands to the Northern and Southern Atlantic Region,  
  • From Europe (the United Kingdom, Ireland, etc.), to Africa, South America, and
  • Countries in Asia (India, Pakistan, United Arab Emirates). 

What's New? 

The spaces below are reserved by FacilityAXS™️ for Members with special announcements to make about their businesses or the events they want to draw attention to. 

National Pro Clean Corp. specializes in training and consulting programs for the cleaning industry. This consists of janitorial start-up programs, custodial training books, and estimating software.

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In 2022 FacilityAXS will publish monthly news magazines with ads and articles submitted by businesses listed in our directory.

Don't be left out!  Using the form on the right, let us know if you have a story or article that best represent your industry interests, and/or ads you would like us to publish in one of our digital magazines.  Once we receive the contact information, we will contact you directly to begin the process, 

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