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Online Features

Empowering 38,500+ Businesses Worldwide




General Tools - Available to all FacilityAXS Members


Our Directory is Mobile Ready


Search Engine Optimization

 Multi-Language Capability







 FacilityAXS uses a 100% “Mobile-First” solution. 


 SEO is having an optimized website that ranks well in search engines like Google and Bing. 

 FacilityAXS' content can be translated to more than 110 languages

Self-Service Member Dashboard

One-Click Social Login

Social Media Links

Access to Dashboard with dynamic profile page features is determined by the Marketing Plan selected.

86% of customers read online business reviews. 20% likely to leave a review. The One-Click Social Login gives members the ability to easily register and log in to your website using their existing Facebook and Google accounts. Members can add or remove their linked social accounts at any time from within their member dashboard.

Leveraging the power of social media is incredibly important if one is to engage the world-wide-web when marketing goods and services. That’s why FacilityAXS makes it easier than ever to seamlessly integrate our members' social media profiles with their social media accounts.

Specialized Tools - available to Paid Members.

Filtered  by Star Rating

The Filter by Search Results add-on will allow your website visitors to perform a search of your members who have only a specific overall star rating.

When a visitor performs a member search on your website, they can use this additional filter to only display members with an overall rating of, for example, 4 or more stars.

Reply Member Reviews

Want to enhance the member reviews feature on your website? Give your members the ability to reply to customer reviews posted on their profiles on your website.

Not only will your members love this feature, but it also generates more unique website content — boosting your ranking in search engines.

Deals & Coupons

The Easy Coupon Code builder operates in conjunction with the axs2Deals Customer Loyalty App.  From their respective dashboards, Listed Members can create and publish deals and coupons at the push of a button that automatically posts on the axs2Deals app as well as on the Coupon Page.

Automated Lead Matching

increased online exposure creates opportunities to convert traffic into leads that can be automatically or manually matched to listed members. 

Member Profile Analytics

The Member Profile Analytics provides members valuable data such as their number of profile views, clicks to their website, and visits to their social media profiles – all broken down by day, month, and year. These statistics show how members are benefiting from our website.

Featured Blog Article Slider

With the Featured Blog Article Slider, it is now possible to hand-select five featured articles to display permanently on a slider on your homepage. This feature is intended to work with the website blog as it is important for the administrator of the website to be able to control which articles will be displayed within the slider.

Blogging Tools

Publishing articles, including "Blogs", is now one of the best ways to improve our website’s SEO and generate more page views. The FacilityAXS platform includes a full-featured, search engine optimized blogging system with a visual text editor. Build your online community and create additional resources to complement your directory listings.

Auto-Recurring Events

Want to publish events that repeat daily or weekly? A recurring event is an event that occurs more than once, according to a specified time interval, such as meetings, courses, and more.

The Auto-Recurring Events add-on eliminates the need to manually repost events that repeat – simply set how often the event should repeat and your website will automatically do the rest for you, creating recurring events!

Photo Gallery Previewer

The Photo Gallery Previewer add-on provides additional information and interactivity to search result pages & member profile pages for posts that utilize photo albums – Classified Ads, Properties, Products, and more.

A scrollable “preview” photo album on search result pages and is utilized by major websites such as Alibaba, Redfin, and Fiverr amongst many others.

Multi-Member Manager

Ideal for organizations with large staff/agents or multiple locations.  A sub-directory on the FacilityAXS platform, enabling sub-accounts to be created, edited and deleted by a single account master administrator.  This capability is available only via our Enterprise Plan.

Multi-Location Listings

The Multi-Location Listing feature allows our members to list themselves in additional geographical locations. When members select these additional locations, website visitors will see more results when they conduct searches in our directory – providing them with increased visibility.