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September 2023 Member Magazine

Multi-Member Partners

Multi-Member Partners Own and Operate Privately Branded Sub-Directories/Accounts 

Multi-Member Partners (MMP) are FacilityAXS Market Partners whose operations can include a large organization, with a sizable staff doing business in multiple locations.  
MMPs receive their own 
privately branded sub-directory, which operates the FacilityAXS platform providing them access to a wide range of online marketing tools.
Operating a sub-directory 
is a fraction of the cost of developing and operating a back-office with all of its capabilities.

Seven (7) Reasons to Become a FacilityAXS Multi-Member Partner (MMP):

  1. ENHANCED MARKETING ... Fundamentally, this Plan is ideal for businesses with a large staff, multiple locations, and/or operating as a sub-account on the FacilityAXS platform.
  2. PASSWORD PROTECTION ... Each MMP provides access via its own password-protected portals, enabling them to a host of marketing capabilities serving an unlimited number of individual businesses (aka "Sub-accounts') 
    • This can include their staff members, partner, customers, franchises, etc. 
  3. UNIQUE PRICING ... Operating through a unique finance structure each MMP is able to define its own pricing structure for the services they provide, which can be charged to the sub-accounts listed under them. 
  4. FREE SYSTEM UPGRADES ... Operating as an extension of the FacilityAXS platform, each MMP receives automatic upgrades which occur from time to time.
  5. BUILTIN GROWTH POTENTIAL ... Each EP has the ability to grow the size of its sub-directory at will, without additional cost.
  6. RECURRING REVENUE ... Enterprise Partners enables users to can generate an additional monthly recurring revenue stream.
  7. COSTS ... There is a one-time $250 to $500 setup cost, depending on the size of the MMP's staff or locations, plus.  
    • A monthly subscription fee is defined on a case-by-case basis, again, based on the scope of MMP's business, industry, and potential  

Sub-directory Administrative Structure
  • Multi-Member Partnerships (aka, Enterprise Partners) perform in the role of Multi-Member Manager (MMM), which makes them the Master Account Administrator of their respective sub-directories/accounts.
    • As the Master Account Administrator, the MMM is authorized to set up as many client sub-accounts as necessary or desired to serve their business objectives.
    • MMM enjoy the same capabilities as the MMM (i.e., create. post, and manage content for placement on their website and social media,), except.
      • Sub-accounts are not authorized to create other sub-accounts themselves.

Potential MMP: 

  • Businesses, such as restaurant chains, banks, franchises, insurance companies, law firms, sports organizations, travel websites, etc., can bridge the many layers of their organizations and industries.
  • Entrepreneurs can also create a new business model for their target markets, establishing themselves with the capacity to service their business objectives.

Example of a Multi-Member Partner

1,660 Sub-Accounts

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