MAY 2022, FacilityAXS News Magazine


Free Subscription to FacilityAXS Gives Consumers Worldwide Access to Low-Priced Quality Goods or Services

With the axs2Deals Customer Loyalty App in hand, consumers have direct mobile access to the goods and services offered by listed businesses - often at reduced rates.


With more than 49,000 businesses listed in our directory, we are confident that consumers will find the goods and services they seek.  

FacilityAXS offers Consumers two ways to access quality the goods and services they seek at the best prices anywhere, by;

  1. Visiting the FacilityAXS.net Coupon page
  2. Using the axs2Deals app, which displays the coupons created and posted by the businesses make the offer
Subscription is Required ... Without any cost or other obligations, consumers are encouraged to subscribe to FacilityAXS.net, which gives them direct access to quality discount goods and services.


Fortifying our core belief that "ACCESS is Key", ConsumerAXS™️ provides consumers FREE "Subscription" access to discounted products and services offered by Member-Businesses listed in the FacilityAXS directory.  

This access begins with a free download of the axs2Deals Customer Loyalty (Mobile) app, which displays coupons that member businesses produce themselves - NO MIDDLEMAN, NO COMMISSIONS.

  • From time to time our Member-businesses launch promotional campaigns designed to increase their sales, thereby, creating additional opportunities for buyers to benefit from their respective offerings. 

The FacilityAXS™️ Mandate ...

Making use of the axs2Deals App, both Consumers (Subscribers) and Businesses (Members) connect through a single online environment, FacilityAXS.net.  This includes helping businesses gain the knowledge they need about how to use the axs2Deals App and other tools necessary to accomplish their mutual objectives while making it easy for consumers to download the app into their smart devices - giving them FREE access to coupons created by Member-businesses.

The axs2Deals App and its operation is POWERED By FacilityAXS™️

With a focus on our mandate to automate Customer interactions with Businesses, Subscribers also enjoy access to:

Their own personalized FacilityAXS™️ profiles

It is our privacy policy to protect the personal information of all of our subscribers.  In keeping with our policy, we actively block all subscriber profiles from being shown to the public or searched via our search engines, and we never sell or otherwise provide subscriber information to the public, other Subscribers, or Member-Businesses of FacilityAXS™️.  However, during a business transaction and at their discretion, subscribers may opt to share their personal information with any member-business they choose.

Member-Businesses offering their goods and services at discounted rates

From time to time, FacilityAXS™️ Member-Businesses use their online tools to promote their goods and services directly to FacilityAXS™️subscribers, as well as indirectly other Members.



Access (AXS) is Key.