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Local/City Partner Program

Turns Referrals into Recurring Monthly Revenue

Do you know of a marketing agency or a technology provider that is an expert in helping local businesses succeed?

Diversify your income stream and earn up to 50% per month in recurring revenue, while exposing local businesses to more customers through our Local/City Partners Program.  As a FacilityAXS Local/City Partner, your objective is to identify and refer local businesses in your community to FacilityAXS while encouraging them to join us under one of our premium marketing plans.

Target Markets & Sizes

Throughout America, these days more than 26 million business locations are establishing FREE listings in dozens of local online business directories.  As an added value, those businesses are also searching for options and capabilities that will help them reach more customers and increase sales.  Membership in FacilityAXS gives them access to a full range of DIY Onlne Marketing tools and other 3rd-party products that help them reach their goals.

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Local/City Partners Program

FacilityAXS Believes in Sharing the Wealth.

If you want a proven business model for building relationships, growing your business, serving your community, and sharing in the revenues, then maybe the FacilityAXS Local/City Partner program is right for you.

  • Become a valued resource for your local business community, bringing businesses and consumers together 
  • Have a greater impact on your current business, by adding an untapped revenue source 
  • Become a FacilityAXS Local/City Partner and earn monthly residuals, while helping others grow

FacilityAXS Local/City Partner Levels

FacilityAXS has identified three (3) primary Local/City Partner levels. The primary role of each level is to instill confidence in the minds of local businesses that the online marketing tools offered by FacilityAXS will help them build their businesses and increase their revenues, without substantial cost.  Assisting Local/City Partners, FacilityAXS offers:  

  1. Identification as a Local/City Partner on our Directory website and other digital media, at no cost
  2. The listing of any and all businesses under the referring Local/City Partners' area,
  3. The distribution of earnings derived from members referred by Local/City Partners.


20% Commission


More of a referral service, Ambassadors recommend FacilityAXS Marketing Plans to local businesses, for which they are entitled to 20% monthly residuals on direct sales.

  • Local/City Partner membership = $34.99 per month
  • COMMISSIONS based on Enterprise Plan sales {ex: 100. x $19.99 x 20% = $399.80 / month}
    • Lifetime plans pay only once.  Advertising pays according to the value of the ads

City/Town Partner

40% Commission


Promote and Sell FacilityAXS Marketing Plans to businesses within their Cities and towns. They will also provide ongoing support services to listed businesses, for which they are entitled to 40% monthly residuals on direct sales.

  • Territorial rights = $250 / month (membership included)
  • COMMISSION based on Enterprise Plan sales {ex: 100 x $19.99 x 40% = $799.60 / month}
    • Lifetime plans pay only once.  Advertising pays according to the value of the ad.

State Partner

45% Commission 

+ 5% override


With a focus on statewide activities, State Partners assist Local/City Partners in the promotions and sales efforts within their respective areas.  State Partners are entitled to 45% monthly residuals on direct sales, plus a 5% override on all City/Town Partners' sales,

  • Territorial rights = $1,000 / month (membership included)
  • COMMISSIONS based on Enterprise Plan sales {ex: 100 x $19.99 x 45% = $899.55 / month, plus a 5% override on all City/Town sales within the state
    • Lifetime plans pay out only once.  Advertising pays according to the value of the ad

* Residual payments are made only when the Referred business uses your Member ID, so don't forget to give your ID# to them.

** Residuals are paid monthly following the referred members' marketing plan payments.

*** All of the commissions presented above are subject to change at the discretion of FacilityAXS.

USA Local/City Partners Locations

As of May 2022, there were over 108,000 cities and towns from all 50 states, and DC, as well as  Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands.  However, initially, we are only rolling this program out for the State Levels at this time.

Beginning February 1, 2023, until further notice all Ambassadors will receive a 50% commission on all referrals that purchase one of our Premium Marketing Plans.

Existing & Pending Local/City Partnerships

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