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Local/City FAQ

Local/City Partner 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is FacilityAXS a Franchise?

No this is not a franchise.  “FacilityAXS Local/City Partners” program is the highest level of Subscription in our Directory Services Program (DSP) suite of offerings. Aside from the financial investment defined below, we do not collect royalties, there is no mandatory training, you do not have to purchase supplies or equipment from us — and there are No Contracts, Cancel Anytime.

2. How many “FacilityAXS Local/City Partners” levels are there?

There are three (3) FacilityAXS Local/City Partner Levels

  1. State Local Partner… Designed for persons or businesses with the capability and desire to manage and promote a FacilityAXS.net directory for businesses in their respective states.
  2. City Local Partner … Ideal for persons or businesses with the capability and desire to manage and promote a FacilityAXS.net directory for businesses in their respective cities.
  3. Ambassador … A special category designed to enable interested persons and businesses to refer local businesses to the FacilityAXS.net Directory, whether at the State or City Level  

3.  How is the Program structured?

FacilityAXS creates a new financial plan for each State/City/Town where there are businesses that can be listed in its directory. By leveraging the Multi-Member Manager Plan, Local/City Partners have access to features in theboxFacilityAXS marketing tools that enable them to list local businesses directly under their respective 'sub-directory accounts.   

The Multi-Member Plan features enable the administrator to manage any and all promotions that are promoted to the businesses listed under them.

4. What is the Financial Investment to Become a FacilityAXS Local/City Partner?

FacilityAXS Local/City Partners” operated under a financial plan that is designed for each location and depends upon the relative size of the population in those locations. There are three financial plans for each location, as follows:

1. Ambassador - $34.99 /month
2. City/Town Partner - $250 /month
•. Local/City Partner membership INCLUDED
3. State Partner –  $1,000 / month
•. Local/City Partner membership INCLUDED

5. Do I Need to Set Up a Physical office?

In most cases having a physical office space is not necessary.

6. How Is This Different Than Other Business Directories?

In addition to providing businesses with do-it-yourself (DIY) promotion features, it also enables persons interested in setting up their own directories in their local communities to do so, without substantial cost.  Also, because our focus is on growing our listing by "Sharing the Wealth", our Local/City Partners earn recurring monthly revenue from every business that purchases one of our paid marketing Plans.  

7. What Kind of Support Is Provided?

As much or as little as you need. We’ve been doing this since way before it was cool.  We have over 5 years of hard-earned experience and wisdom — highly specialized knowledge and expertise regarding virtually every aspect of Helping People and Making Money online with our platform . . . and we’re prepared to help you as much, and as fast as you’ll let us.

8. How Long Will It Take to Get Up and Running?

We recommend 30 Days, so you can take full advantage of our proven Pre-Launch System, but it can happen much faster if you’re truly committed to an accelerated timeline.

9. How Do I Find Out if This Might Be a Good Fit?

Click here to book a call with Sam Harrell to discuss your interest to represent FacilityAXS as a Local/City partner in your local area.