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About FacilityAXS

More than a Directory, We are a Community!

... Leveling the Playing Field ...

What is FacilityAXS?

FacilityAXS is a business directory website or printed listing of information about businesses, which are listed by niche location, activity, or size.  Enabling consumers' ease of access, each listed business may be compiled either manually or through an automated online search software.

... Where Buyers and Sellers Meet ...

FacilityAXS maximizes the opportunities for consumers (Buyers) to find the goods and services they seek from the 40,000+ businesses (Sellers) listed in our directory.  

Businesses (Sellers)

  Using today's technologies, the methods of attraction include traditional marketing and sales techniques.  FacilityAXS offers businesses a full range of online market tools that enable them to achieve their sales objectives cost-effectively.

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Consumers (Buyers)

Consumers everywhere today are doing business Online.  As an online business directory, consumers access FacilityAXS at no cost.  As the facilitator that connects buyers and sellers, FacilityAXS assumes the role of directory administrator.  

How It Works?

Connecting Buyers and Sellers, How?

FacilityAXS Places the Control and Manage of Our Members' Online Promotions in their hands

Through their own privately branded and password-protected dashboard, our members are able to offer their customers unfettered access to their goods and services.  Because of our built-in SEO capabilities and a wide range of other built-in online business tools, each of the members is;

  1. Placed alongside thousands of others like businesses to be found by visitors for pennies a day and at no cost to consumers
  2. Given the ability to UPGRADE at will to access more tools designed to further enhance their online marketing experience and success, and 
  3. Able to MAXIMIZE your exposure through SOCIAL and PROFESSIONAL engagement, at LOW costs.

Access, Control, and Manage Your World From the Comfort and Safety of Your Own Home or Office for pennies a day!

Member Dashboards

With 40,000+ businesses listed, the FacilityAXS Business Directory business model has been enhanced to now enable its member-businesses to conduct business online with their customer more effectively and cost-effectively.

In its role as a facilitator, FacilityAXS arms each member-business with the tools that place the management and control of their online experience in their hands in a do-it-yourself (DIY) fashion.  

The benefits:

Through their own branded dashboard, member-businesses are empowered with the ability to: 

  1. Manage and control their own online marketing efforts,
  2. Target their market more effectively,
  3. Mitigate the cost of online advertising,
  4. Share their business stories FREE via a national podcast network,
  5. Post their goods and services FREE via the axs2Deals Customer Loyalty App,
  6. Compete more effectively with others.

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