MAY 2022, FacilityAXS News Magazine

What is FacilityAXS?

An Online Business Directory that Helps Consumers Find the Best Quality Goods and Services -Anywhere

FacilityAXS is a One-Stop Online Marketing Platform and Digital Solutions Providers

What Do We Offer?

As a resource for small to medium-sized businesses seeking to attract more customers and compete more effectively online, FacilityAXS™ plays two (2) roles:

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Business Directory Listing, w/ Built-in Marketing Tools

Primarily, FacilityAXS enables consumers to search for and interact directly with businesses listed in our directory, at no cost to them.  
  • A business listing in FacilityAXS is FREE.  However, listed businesses have access to two Marketing Plans that offer a wide range of built-in marketing tools, for pennies a day.  
  • As an Advertising Agency, FacilityAXS enables listed members to promote their goods and services to an evergrowing audience of prospective buyers, at competitive rates.

Digital Solutions Toolkit

As an Affiliate of 3rd-party vendors, FacilityAXS connects listed businesses to a wide range of external Digital Solutions that are available at a substantial discount.

√ Digital advertising 
√ Website Performance Snapshot Report
√  Site Optimization 
√  Social Marketing 
√ Reputation Management

√ CalendarHero meeting and appointment scheduling
√ Advertising Intelligence 
√ Email campaigns
√  SMS, MMS, Digital Coupons

√ 3D Virtual Tours | Business & Retail
√ Much, much more

3rd-Party Digital Solutions

 3rd-Party Partnerships Enhance 

FacilityAXS' Suite of Online Digital Solutions 

With 50,000+ businesses in our community currently, FacilityAXS™️ connects businesses with marketing tools and digital solutions that place the management and control of their online experience directly in their hands.  

FacilityAXS, a local buyer's network with helpful information and tools.  A definite plus for my clients. - Wyatt Chambers, C.S. Design Studios - ONLINE MARKETING ...