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What is FacilityAXS?

Helping Consumers Find the Best Quality Goods and Services -Anywhere

FacilityAXS is an Online Marketing Platform that Connects Consumers to Businesses

What Do We Offer?

As a go-to source for consumers looking for quality goods and services locally, nationally, and globally, FacilityAXS™ plays three (3) primary roles:

(1) Online Business Directory for Consumers Searches

Our First Primary Role is to connect consumers with businesses listed in our directory, by enabling;  
  • BUSINESSES to list with FacilityAXS for FREE.
    • Businesses can access two Marketing Plans that offer a wide range of built-in marketing tools, for pennies a day.  
  • CONSUMERS to search for and interact directly with businesses listed in our directory, at no cost to them.


(2) Digital Solutions Tools AXS for Listed Businesses

Our Second Primary Role is to connect listed businesses to a wide range of Digital Solutions designed to enhance their online experience at a substantial discount.

√ Digital advertising 
√ Website Performance Snapshot Report
√  Site Optimization 
√  Social Marketing 
√ Reputation Management

√ CalendarHero meeting and appointment scheduling
√ Advertising Intelligence 
√ Email campaigns
√  SMS, MMS, Digital Coupons

√ 3D Virtual Tours | Business & Retail
√ Much, much more

3rd-Party Digital Solutions

(3) 3rd Party Affiliates & Partners

As a 3rd-Party Affiliate or Partner of various vendors, FacilityAXS is authorized to promote the products and services of such vendors.  Identified as Market Partners of FacilityAXS, these vendors are not only listed in our directory but also offer their products and services to other member businesses at discount rates on select digital products and services.

Business RadioX

BRX helps solopreneurs, professional organizations, and brands build the community via digital broadcasting.

Rainmaker Digital

Rainmaker provides digital marketing services + technology solutions for companies seeking innovative growth strategies

Vendasta Digital

With Vendasta Digital Solutions our members have access to a wide range of digital solutions to truly make a difference.

FacilityAXS, a local buyer's network with helpful information and tools.  A definite plus for my clients. - Wyatt Chambers, C.S. Design Studios - ONLINE MARKETING ...