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What Are Users of FacilityAXS Saying?

I want to personally thank you for the great platform you have developed in FacilityAXS to assist businesses with improved networking opportunities, lead generation, digital solutions, and marketing venues. Your newsletters are timely and valuable in assisting owners and managers with many phases of business development. Congratulations on just achieving a subscribership of 50,000 businesses. In a time when Internet exposure is priceless, I suggest all readers go ahead and sign up for their free membership in your program. The new products you continue to add are all created to help members expand their businesses to the next level. Keep up the good work. Gary Clipperton, Founder & President of National Pro Clean, Corp.

FacilityAXS is a wonderful business opportunity!  Easy to navigate, trustworthy, and wonderfully resourced to help you promote your business with others!  This is a wonderful community, combined with all of the online marketing tools to help you share what you do best."  Reyna Davis, ReynaBee Jewelry

 I needed a person I could trust foremost to help me set up and maintain my business sites and programs. Sam has been around the complex IT industry from his early Navy days and is a real worker. When I need it done, it gets done. No excuses! My TBRX can be a complicated machine but I selected Sam because of his tenacity and dedication to getting the job done! With his hands-on knowledge and the Builder all Technology there isn't a lot that he can't do. Tell I sent you he'll be glad you did. Sam offers the big three I look for. Reliability - Dedication - Attitude. "  Mark Bishop, Tucson Business RadioX

Working with FacilityAXS has been a real professional experience. Their attention to detail makes them great at getting to the real aspects of a plan… I don’t know what I would have done had they not helped the direction of my company.” – Desmond Reynolds, AZ Social Media

FacilityAXS, a local buyer's network with helpful information and tools. A definite plus for my clients." – Wyatt Chambers, C. S. Design Studios - ONLINE MARKETING ...

PUBLIC RELATIONS ... "Sam, the developer of FacilityAXS is a rare visionary leader who sees the big picture of problems and who also attends to the details of any potential solutions. His integrity, humanity, work ethic, and positive energy is empowering and inspirational. Perhaps most importantly, he has the ability to make decisive decisions while maintaining courage in his convictions.”– Mark Dalessandro, Public Relations

VISUAL ARTIST ... “I recommend FacilityAXS because of its listing resources and this company's invaluable service it performs to its clients for businesses in general. They save you money. That in itself merits introspective investigation by all businesses. It just makes good business sense. Marc G. Doutherd”

FACILITY MAINTENANCE ... "I have observed Sam’s level of commitment, integrity, and tenacity as he has dealt with varying issues with seemingly unshaken resolve. In business, he demonstrated strong business development, management, and marketing capability that enabled him to transform a small investment into millions within just a few years. His clientele has included such organizations as, the City of Colorado Springs, Wal-Mart, the Colorado Springs Police and Fire Departments, and many others.” Titus Gardner, Commercial Cleaning Systems

TRAVEL ... "Trouvaille recommends FacilityAXS due to the motivation and dedication that they apply to the business that they desire to help other businesses promote their products and services, and the genuine, personal service that he puts into his work. Helping to give businesses exposure and publicity is one big key to their success and FacilityAXS is an excellent service to help achieve that goal." - Paul Hardersen, CEO.

PAINTER ... "I hired S. C. Harrell Consulting Services (the developer of FacilityAXS) to redesign my website. This involved transferring my domain name and email from one web host to another, as well as constructing a more presentable website that enables me with DYI (do-it-yourself) creative control of my content. The task included setting up an SSL certificate, performing SEO activities, and more. Better yet, the entire process was done in a week’s time, costing less than $500, and included a FREE listing in the FacilityAXS Online Business Directory. I would highly recommend SCHCS to anyone seeking website design and content writing support services."  Anthony G.

CAR DEALERSHIP ..."Good Company and very professional staff!" Ed Palma, Jim Click

JANITORIAL ... "Competent, Thorough, and extremely awesome people that you can rely on". Patricia Perry, Above & Beyond Janitorial