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Our Team

Dedicated to Delivering Quality Services to Businesses and Their Customers

The FacilityAXS Online Business Directory was born out of the combined experiences of our team members, affiliates, partners, and associates

The key team members of FacilityAXS have more than 100 years working across multiple diverse industries, which has contributed to their ability to operate and deliver the FacilityAXS Business Directory to its global audience.

Sam Harrell

FacilityAXS Founder, Business Developer, and Administrator

Gary Clipperton

Business Advisor for the Building Maintenance and Supply Industries

Akavius Moore

FacilityAXS System Administrator / Full Stack software developer

Samuel C. Harrell

The FacilityAXS Online Business Directory was born out of the experiences of Samuel C. Harrell as an engineer and project manager working for NASA and the Department of Defense, as well as operating a successful building maintenance and e-commerce business.  

Those experiences taught Sam that, in most cases, the services offered by larger companies are not necessarily better or are of greater quality than smaller companies. After all, they all use the same labor pool, chemicals, and equipment! But rather, the larger companies deploy marketing tools, techniques, and training designed to help them establish and maintain an open engagement with their customers.  

Gary Clipperton

Owner of National Pro Clean Corp, which specializes in training and consulting programs for the cleaning industry. This includes janitorial start-up programs, custodial training books, and estimating software. Over 3,500 cleaning contractors globally look to us for ongoing consultation and support. National Pro Clean Corp.’s founder and president, Gary Clipperton, has over 50 years of experience as the owner of cleaning services, supply companies, and a nationwide consultant.

Affiliates, Partners & Associates

Business RadioX

FacilityAXS is the BRX Hawaii Ambassador, operating  Oahu Business RadioX.


Through. S. C. Harrell Consulting. Services, (Samuel Harrell). FacilityAXS offers member businesses a wide range of internet-based services, including the ability to earn money as a BuildAll Affiliate.

National Pro-Clean

FacilityAXS' association with NPC represents a solid foundation as an authority in the Building Maintenance and Supply Industry.

Oahu Business RadioX

As the Hawaii BRX Ambassador, we are positioned to book FREE digital recordings for our member businesses.


Digital Solutions
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