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Marketing Plans

All The Marketing Tools You Will Ever Need To Grow Your Business Online.

FacilityAXS Offer Three (3) Marketing Plans:

  1. FREE Listing (Available for all Marketing Plans)
    • Branded dashboard, website, and social media links, and SEO ranking placement, 
      • The axs2Deals Loyalty App is included FREE - NO COUPONS!
    • Upgrade to access additional marketing tools and features at any time.
  2. Professional Marketing Plan 
    • With a small monthly fee, members gain access to a full suite of Built-in Tools and Features that will give them direct access to local, national, and global consumer markets.  
      • The axs2Deals Loyalty App is included FREE - 5 COUPONS!
  3. Custom Marketing Plans
    • The Custom Marketing Plan includes all of the Built-in Tools and Features available under Professional plan, plus access to certain unique capabilities customized to meet your specialized needs. 
      • The axs2Deals Loyalty App included FREE - UNLIMITED COUPONS!

Online Marketing Tool Access 

Beginning with our FREE axs2Deals Customer Loyalty App, businesses that are listed in the FacilityAXS Business Directory will enjoy access to a full suite of Built-in do-it-yourself (DIY) Online Marketing Tools. Each of these tools enables member-businesses to create, post, and manage and control their own online marketing efforts, for as little as $1.70 per day. 

In consideration of the economic impact of COVID-19 on our World, we are offering all Businesses listed in our directory a 90% discount on our "Custom" Marketing Plan. 

This discount is available for all new and existing members, and will be grandfathered in for all businesses exercising this offer for as long as they remain, members, after COVID-19.

Enter "Open4Business" in the promo code space for the plan you select.

This Very Special Offer Ends on June 30, 2020.


 FacilityAXS Marketing Plans

- 15-Day Free Trial on all PAID Plans - 

- No Contracts/No Cancellation Fees/ No Risk -



*      Enterprise Plan enables Market Partner to create sub-directories using the FacilityAXS platform

**    Contract Services - for the above ** star marketing tools are available under an independent service contract arrangement with S. C. Harrell Consulting Services, and are, therefore, not included in the above Marketing Plans pricing.

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