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 FacilityAXS™️ Marketing & Pricing Plans

Join the thousands of local businesses worldwide using the FacilityAXS Platform to expose and promote their organizations, products, and services 

FacilityAXS Marketing & Pricing Plans are based on "Freemium" revenue considerationsThere are three (3) Marketing & Pricing Plans; the first of which is the Basic/FREE listing plan, followed by two (2) Premium/Paid plans, Professional and Enterprise.

Basic/Free Plan


$00 Monthly


The FacilityAXS™️ Basic Plan is designed to attract a wide users base by listing their businesses at no cost/FREE. It serves as a gateway for businesses to experience our service without any financial commitment.

Branded Dashboard w/Minimum Contact Details (Public Profile View)
  • SSL Certification - Built-in to all accounts

  • SEO Ranking #3 - The priority ranking on Google

  • Lead Matching ($20 ea) - Websites generate leads from visitors  

2 Premium Marketing Plans


 $9.99 Monthly

$95.90 (80% Annual)
$10 Credit @ signup or Upgrade


The Professional Marketing Plan offers advanced features and capabilities not available under the basic plan, catering to businesses who require additional functionalities for their needs. It's positioned as an intermediate option between the basic and enterprise plans.


Dashboard, w/ Full Contact Details+


$19.99 Monthly

$191.90 (80% Annual)
$20 Credit @ signup or Upgrade

Lifetime Memberships

The Enterprise Marketing Plan offers businesses with more extensive needs access to highest level of features, customization options, and support, tailored to meet the demands of enterprise-level users.


Dashboard w/Full Contact Details+

  • SEO Ranking #1


* The cost for custom options includes the fee for monthly Enterprise Plan.

CUSTOM Marketing Plans upon request.

Multi-Member Accounts

Click here and ask about our $250 set up support services.

 No Contracts/No Long-term Commitments/Cancel at any time!

 ➡️ Membership Incentives ⬅️

I recommend FacilityAXS because of its listing resources and this company's invaluable service it performs to its clients for businesses in general. They save you money. That in itself merits introspective investigation by all businesses. It just makes good business sense. Marc G. Doutherd - SAATCHI ART

9 Benefits of Joining our Business Directory

Based solely on the Marketing Plan selected, the marketing tools that are built into the FacilityAXS platform provide each member cost-effective access to the following benefits through their dashboard.

1. Boost Credibility & Trust
A listing on the FacilityAXS directory is a sign of a trustworthy business. Like most directories, FacilityAXS has an internal vetting process to check out businesses before they agree to promote them. 
2. Social Media Support
With over 2 billion active users on Facebook every month, it’s by far the biggest social media platform. Add Instagram and LinkedIn to the mix and managing social media becomes time-consuming and expensive.
3. Affordable Advertising
Advertising in FacilityAXS and in our monthly news magazine are cost-effective ways to promote your goods and services to local, national, or global audiences. 

4. Make local business connections
The FacilityAXS business directory builds supportive communities. New and established businesses can connect with other companies in the area as well as in other places. You can find and interact with people offering complimentary services. You’ll gain referrals and benefit from mutual support. This can be invaluable to freelancers and sole traders.
5. Increased visibility and awareness
A business listing in FacilityAXS can massively improve your chances of getting your brand in front of new clients. People who search business directories are looking for a product or service provider. These are warm contacts, prepared to buy. As a facilitator, FacilityAXS works as a business development manager. It grows your business, even when you’re asleep!
6. Shared Access to Customer Loyalty App
FacilityAXS offers Enterprise members access to the axs2Deals Loyalty app. This app can be downloaded into consumers' mobile devices, enabling them to view coupons and specials being promoted by members.  
The benefits to members are that the app is included with the Enterprise Plan, and there are: 
  • Unlimited coupons
  • No commissions on sales, and 
  • No middleman fees
7.  Boost SEO With An Authoritative Backlink
The FacilityAXS online business directory gives your website and business extra validation from search engines. And through the submission of your business’s information to our directory, there’s no need to go out and seek a link swap from other organizations, a traditional strategy to gain authority from search engines. 
This backlink, coming from a site with authority and respect from search engines, will improve the chances of your site receiving the label: relevant and useful. If you list your information on our business directory, you will benefit from our established SEO and better your chances of appearing on the first page
8.  Multi-Member Sub-Directories - With CUSTOM PLANS only
Large businesses with multiple locations (e.g., branch offices) or agents can set up sub-accounts for each location or agent.  

A sub-directory on the FacilityAXS platform, enabling sub-accounts to be created and managed by a single account master administrator.  This capability is available only via our Enterprise Plan.
9.  SPECIAL BENEFIT - FacilityAXS Swipe, Save & Serve
As members pay their Marketing Plan fees, FacilityAXS will donate a portion (10%) of [its] revenue to the charity of the member's choice, in their name. Why? Because we live in troublesome times, and this is our way of helping those less fortunate than we are. 
As an added incentive, FacilityAXS will match the donations for any business that chooses the Enterprise plan.