All the Basic Online Marketing Tools you'll Ever Need for Less Than $20/YEAR.
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Marketing Plans

All The Marketing Tools You Will Ever Need To Grow Your Business Online

Our fees are now less than $20 ANNUALLY. 

In recognition of the economic impacts that COVID-19 has had on businesses worldwide, FacilityAXS has greatly REDUCED the fees and payment frequency of its Professional Marketing Plan. 

 This adjustment in our Professional Plan pricing will continue until the CDC announces the end of COVID-19.   At that time, the pricing for this Plan will return to its original monthly fee structure of $19.99.


 FacilityAXS™️ Marketing Plans

- Pennies a Day/No Contracts/No Cancellation Fees/No Risk -




The FacilityAXS™️ Basic Plan is FREE to any and all businesses interested in leveraging FacilityAXS for increased exposure in local and global markets.

  • Branded Dashboard

  • 1 Social Media Link & 1 Website 
  • SSL & SEO Ranking $3
  • Leads ($20 ea)
  • Customer Reviews



Less than .06 per day


The FacilityAXS™️ Professional Plan offers members access to 5 online marketing features that can be customized to serve their respective business interests.

  • Branded Dashboard 
  • 3 Social Media Links & 1 Website
  • SSL &  SEO Ranking #2
  • Leads ($10 ea)



$575.90 (80% Annual Discount)

Less than $1.58 per day


The FacilityAXS™️ Enterprise Plan offers members CUSTOM access to 15+ online marketing features that can be customized to serve their respective business interests. (Click here for more details

  • Branded Dashboard
  • Unlimited SSM Links & 1 website
  • SSL & SEO Ranking #1
  • Leads ($10 ea)
  • Customer Reviews

FacilityAXS also offers Members CUSTOM Marketing PLans, upon request.

Enter Promo Cost "COVIDSpecial" at sign-up or upgrade, and become eligible for an additional 10%. discount over the already reduced pricing cited above.  This discount also applies to Enterprise Plan members.

Frequently Asked Questions

BUSINESSES (Membership)

CONSUMERS (Subscription)

▶︎ If I don't "List" my business, can I still do business with your Members?

Yes!   Membership in FacilityAXS does not prevent one business from doing business with one another.  Simply put, FacilityAXS is an online environment through which buyers and sellers can do business to increase sales while reducing buyers' costs.

▶︎ Can Consumers subscribe to FacilityAXS? 

YES!   As is the case for any business, access to consumer markets is the key to success and growth. Consequently, the core objective of FacilityAXS is bringing consumers and businesses together to do business in a secure and protective environment. without cost to them.

▶︎ Other than Membership. does FacilityAXS charge other fees?

YES, and NO!   Membership in FacilityAXS is based on the Marketing Plan selected by a business, which can change from time to time.  On the other hand, additional fees can be charged for Special Professional Services that a business may obtain from FacilityAXS and/or is business associates.

▶︎ Can a subscription is FacilityAXS earn consumers any discounts?

YES, and NO!   As a facilitator for bringing consumers and businesses together, FacilityAXS does not dictate or control Member pricing.  That said, each Member business has the capacity to offer discounts on any of its goods and services, at will.  This can come in the form of coupon sales, which can be viewed on the FacilityAXS Coupon page and axs2Deals app.

▶︎ What is it about the FacilityAXS that makes it unique from other directories?

There are 150+ local online directors in existence today, each providing similar services. Each of them is structured as either a "Generic" or "Industry Specific" focus.  While FacilityAXS is Generic in nature its core business objective is to promote and advance all small-to-medium-sized businesses, regardless of industry. FacilityAXS empowers its Members to compete more effectively with the larger more prominent players in their respective fields.

▶︎ Why should Consumers subscribe to FacilityAXS? 

FacilityAXS exists for three reasons; 1) bring consumers and businesses together, 2) enable businesses to connect directly to consumers they wish to reward for their loyalty, and 3) reduce the cost of doing business for our Members, which enables them to reduce the costs of goods and services they sell to their customers.