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We, here at FacilityAXS wish to thank you all for considering our directory when searching for products and services in your local communities during CY-2023. We are committed to providing you with enhanced services during CY-2024 and beyond. Click Here ... JANUARY 2024 Member Magazine


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FacilityAXS Connects Buyers with Sellers of Discounted Goods and Services

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Consumers (Buyers)

ACCESS (AXS) is Key ... The FacilityAXS platform enables member businesses with online marketing tools that place the management and control of their online presence directly in their hands.  This do-it-yourself (DIY) approach to digital marketing is key to mitigating the cost of this necessary function.

FacilityAXS™️ member-businesses are also able to offer their goods and services using our Customer Loyalty app. as well as via our Coupon Page

ACCESS (AXS) is Key ... The FacilityAXS platform enables consumers to identify and purchase goods and services directly from the desired business without added cost to the consumer or the business. 

As an added feature the Customer Loyalty App enables consumers to gain easy access to a plethora of different goods and services, which is "the Key" to improving customer retention and repeat business.