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Market Partners

3rd Party Vendors

As a facilitator, our objective is to assist all of its member-businesses to accomplish their objectives, which is to attract and retain more customers.  As 3rd-Party vendors, FacilityAXS Market Partners understand what doing business with consumers (B2C) and with other businesses (B2B) means, and are willing to offer special discounts to such customers. 

FacilityAXS Market Partnerships are by "Invitation Only."  

Market Partners are 3rd-party vendors that are approved by FacilityAXS to take advantage of an ever-growing marketplace of business and consumers from around the world.  Becoming a FacilityAXS Market Partner requires, first an INVITATION followed by a willingness on the part of interested companies desiring to share their knowledge, experience, and goods and services with other FacilityAXS Members at discounted rates, which they control. 

Typically, Market Partners are Professional services, but can also be from one of the other three categories.  Whatever the case, they must first Join FacilityAXS as a FREE member, and, then, upon notifying us of their interest, they are manually upgraded by FacilityAXS administrator to Market Partner statues.

In addition to the many tools and features available to all Member-Businesses, Market Partners also receive: 

  1. FREE membership in the FacilityAXS Business Directory

  2. Advertising on the FacilityAXS' homepage and other pages at discounted rates (See Rate Card),

  3. Additional and enhanced market channels through which to promote their businesses, resulting in,

  4. Increased visibility and traffic. 

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