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Market & Affiliate Partners

Partnering With FacilityAXS Means Greater Access and More Benefits

A Market Partnerships or an Affiliation with FacilityAXS™️ is by "Invitation Only"

Market Partners (aka, Affiliates) are 3rd-party vendors that are approved by FacilityAXS™️ to take advantage of our ever-growing marketplace of business opportunities from around the world. 

FacilityAXS™️ promotes its online directory to consumers worldwide 24/7. resulting in increased exposure of our members

The results:

To date, approximately 500 new Businesses join us every week to access the online marketing tools available to them based on the Marketing Plan  they choose, 

  • Becoming a Market Partner  ... Although all listed businesses are entitled to the tools available in the Marketing Plans they select, only those who are approved as Market Partners have access to the special offers.

Consumers search our directory to find the goods and services offered by listed businesses, and can connect and transact business with them directly,

Business Opportunities

Market Partners (aka, Affiliates) are 3rd-party vendors that are pre-approved by FacilityAXS™️ to take advantage of an ever-growing marketplace of business opportunities from around the world.  

Becoming a FacilityAXS™️ Market Partner requires an INVITATION from FacilityAXS™️ to participate in the program.  This approval is based on their willingness to:

  1. Share their knowledge (Stories) via a podcast, which will be recorded and distributed at no cost (FREE) via FacilityAXS Affiliate, Business RadioX

  2. Sell their goods and services directly to other FacilityAXS Members and consumers at discounted rates, 

  3. The uniqueness of the goods and services they offer supports FacilityAXS' mission to level the playing field for small to medium-sized businesses.

  4. Become identified as a member of the FacilityAXS Team.

Our Team Members

 Minimal Benefits

In addition to the many marketing tools and other digital solutions available to all Member-Businesses based on the Market Plans, Market Partners can also:

Do business with other listed members, as well as be featured prominently on FacilityAXS  

Advertise on the FacilityAXS™️ homepage and other pages at discounted rates (See Advertising Rate Card),

Enhanced marketing through channels that promote their businesses,

Deploy a privately branded sub-directory on the FacilityAXS platform.

Increase their visibility and traffic.

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