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Cited below are answers to the most frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the FacilityAXS Online Business Directory.

What is an online Members Directory, and what features does it offer?

A Members Directory is an online members engagement community.  As an online business directory, FacilityAXS places business listings in front of consumers searching for companies that can satisfy their specific needs.  Key features of the FacilityAXS Buyers Network include:

  1. Custom Profile: Customize information for each member is stored and searched with personalized profiles for each.

  2. Search Filters: Multiple tools are available to browse, search, and filter the directory of members.

  3. User Login: Each Member logs in to update their own profile and can access their info only.

  4. Mobile Friendly: Each user logs in to update their own profile and can access their info only.

  5. SPECIAL FEATURES: In addition to the above, FacilityAXS offers is Members a wide range of additional features designed to enhance their Network experience.

    • FacilityAXS partners with a number of organizations (Market Partners) that offer specialized tools and services designed to provide our members a Competitive Advantage in their respective fields.

What is with the name, "Facility"AXS?

The word “Facility” is defined as an ability to do or learn something well and easily; a natural aptitude. "He had a facility for languages." In short, FacilityAXS includesaptitude, talent, gift, flair, bent, skill, knack, genius; ability, proficiency, competence, capability, capacity, faculty; expertness, adeptness, prowess, mastery, artistry"our members have the facility for drawing customers and increasing their business outcomes."

Is FacilityAXS a trade association?



Trade Associations also are known as an industry trade group, business association,  sector association or industry body.  Those organizations are founded and funded by businesses that operate in a specific industry.   Although operates within the building maintenance, supply, and related industries, FacilityAXS is not a non-profit organization governed by bylaws and directed by officers who are also members.

FacilityAXS is a for-profit organization committed to helping other for-profits become more profitable.  As such, we will actively pursue membership in each of the Trade Associations representing the Interest of our Members.

If I don't subscribe, can I still do business with a Member?


Subscription or membership in FacilityAXS does not prevent either a consumer/buyer or a business/seller from doing business with one another.  FacilityAXS merely represents an online environment through which buyers and sellers can do business with the objective of increasing sellers' sales while reducing buyers' costs.

Will FacilityAXS compete with its Members?



FacilityAXS brings buyers and sellers together in its online environment to conduct business that can; 

  1. Expose them to a network of dedicated pre-qualified buyers, 

  2. Increase their opportunities for more sales, 

  3. Reduce their costs of doing business, and 

  4. Provide them a ranking up to five stars for service performance, while also enabling them to review and respond to rankings received.

Other than Membership fees. does FacilityAXS receive commissions from its Members sales activities?

Yes & No!

FacilityAXS can earn a pre-negotiated markup or commission only from professional services members (aka., Market Partners) that receive Membership at no cost. However, if and when a Market Partner upgrades to a Pro-Plus Member, there will be no additional fees/commissions charged for any sales activities resulting through

Can Members advertise on FacilityAXS?


In addition to being listed in the FacilityAXS Business Directory, with full profiles of their businesses, FacilityAXS also invites all Members to promote their businesses on it website based on an Advertising Rate Card, which is available upon request.  The types of advertising are provided below:

  1. Banner ads and coupons that can be posted on FacilityAXS' homepage,

  2. Publishing trade articles, 

  3. Blog contributions, highlight their products and services, and 

  4. Sub-directories in their name operating under the FacilityAXS Directory.

Can non-building maintenance businesses become Members?


By definition, all businesses purchase products and services of one type or another, including any of those available from our Members.  Therefore, any and all businesses are welcome to become Members and benefit from the many discounts available.

Is the FacilityAXS Business Directory restricted to any particular Industry?


Although FacilityAXS was initially created with a focus on the Building Maintenance Industry, it's range has been increased other industries, including

  1. Merchant and Retail industry

  2. Product Supplies and chains,

  3. Professional Services of all types

  4. Service Contractors of all types.

Is FacilityAXS similar to Angie's List?

Yes & No!

Like Angie's List and others, FacilityAXS is an online Member Directory listing local businesses from which prospective customers can select and hire.   Unlike Angie's List, FacilityAXS is focused primarily on:

  1. Aiding its Members to improve their opportunities and profitability,

  2. Providing them an additional channel through which to promote their goods and services,

  3. Negotiates product and service discount on behalf of its Members, and customers.

What is it about the FacilityAXS Business Directory that makes it unique from other similar platforms?

The latest reports show that there are 150+ local online directors in existence today, each providing similar services. Each of those directories is structured with either a "Generic" or "Industry Specific" focus.  While FacilityAXS has offerings of its own of a general nature (e.g., website development), it's core business objective is to promote and advance the all small-to-medium-sized business, regardless of industry.  FacilityAXS empowers its membership-base to compete more effectively with the larger more prominent players in their field. 

Since I can do business with anyone I want right now, why should I do business through FacilityAXS?

FacilityAXS offers Members:

  1. Their own branded online profile within the FacilityAXS Directory, with the ability to post ads, blogs, and other items unique to their operations.

  2. Access to volume-based discounted goods and services from other Members that can improve your bottom line,

  3. The ability to promote their goods and services locally, nationally and globally at rates far below transitional advertising costs.

  4. The opportunity to give back to their local communities via tax-deductible contributions, at no cost to them. 

Satisfaction Promise

We'll always connect you with the best businesses of any and all types that meet your specific needs.