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Giving Back

HUMANITY begins with our desire to give; CHARITY begins with our ability to give

These are Troublesome Times ...

Economic uncertainty and a looming recession will test nonprofits in 2023. Rising inflation is driving up operational costs, while an economic downturn is reducing endowments and government funding. 

The fundraising program offered by FacilityAXS can be added to the risk management strategies of non-profits which will better position them to respond to these challenging times.  

FacillityAXS is committed to helping the non-profits by donating ten percent (10% or more) of OUR Market Plan fees to 501 (c) 3 non-profits in the communities of our member businesses.

▶︎  Our Program

FacilityAXS will donate a portion of ITS monthly Marketing Plan revenue to the charity of the member business choice.

▶︎  The Process - Based on the above, FacilityAXS will:

  1. Donate it to the charity of our members' choice, in the member's name
  2. Issue a press release announcing their company's involvement in helping their chosen charity
  3. They will receive FREE publicity
NOTE ... Neither political nor religious charities are eligible to receive donations through this program.

Are You a Charity or a Supporter who wants to Easily Raise More Money for your Organization?

FacilityAXS offers an easy way for Non-Profits to tap into steady streams of recurring funds that can be used in support of your mission objectives. 

You can get started by joining the FacilityAXS Online Business Directory as a "Non-Profit Organization".  As a FacilityAXS-listed non-profit Organization, you will: 
  1. On an "In-Kind Contributions" basis, have access to the full range of online marketing tools, but at no cost to your organization whatsoever. 
  2. Be listed as eligible for selection by FacilityAXS to receive a portion of the funds available via the FacilityAXS Giveback Program each month.