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Member Resource Center

Welcome the FacilityAXS Resource Center

Access to certain content is available only to listed businesses.

FacilityAXS offers all listed business-members access to generic and, in some cases, industry-specific resources.  These include, but are not limited to handbooks, standard operating procedures (SOP), training tools (documents and videos), specialized online marketing tools, and more.  The items included in this Resources Center are categorized as part of a library of business-related items that have been developed from first-hand application in real business operations. Therefore, they have been tried and proven to be assets in the development, operation, and growth of businesses that have realized annual sales in excess of $1.8 million.  

Many of these items listed below are available as FREE downloads, while others can be purchased direct or obtained via "Affiliate" relationships that have been established between the owners of FacilityAXS and the providers of those items.

Note ... It is important to note that ALL of the items listed in the Resource Center are included with Custom Market Plan, at the aggregate cost of the Custom Plan, unless otherwise cited next to the item.


  1. eBooks:
  2. Audio/Videos - Coming Soon
  3. Online Marketing Tools:
    • As a member of FacilityAXS, businesses gain access to more than 30 Online Marketing Tools for less than $100 per month, including
      • Builtin FacilityAXS Directory Marketing Tools, and 
      • Available through an Affiliate relationship with, FacilityAXS is able to package its Builtin marketing tools with the BuilderAll platform that operates outside of FacilityAXS.  BuilderAll is a cost-effective "All-in-One", "Do-it-Yourself"(DYI) platform that offers such capabilities as:
        • Pixel Perfect Website Builder (dozens of templates)
        • App Builder
        • CRM (customer relations management)
        • Email Marketing Campaign
        • Magazine builder (dozens of templates)
        • Sales Funnels (dozens of templates)
        • SEO Reports
        • SiteBots, and
        • MUCH, MUCH MORE
      • SPECIAL OFFER ... The BuilderAll platform comes with a nominal fee of between $19.90 and $69.90 / month depending on which of the four paid-plan you select, and a 14-Day FREE Trial period.  During this FREE 7-day trail you will have full and complete access to all of the features available under the plan you select.  
        • As an added incentive, FacilityAXS will upgrade all businesses that are listed in our directory to its Customer Market Plan, regardless of whether they are FREE or Professional Market plan members, if they remain with the Affiliate program after the 14-Day FREE Trial.  
        • Translation; not only will you receive an all-in-one online marketing solution from BuilderAll, as a member of FacilityAXS, you will also receive access to an ever growing global market of prospective buyers of your services, at a price not to exceed $99.99 per month.
  4. Outsourced Services ... Although available to all member-businesses as defined under Online Marketing Tools, above, the services identified below are ideal for businesses that don't have the capacity internally to perform these tasks themselves.
    • Website Design and Development Assistance - All website design and development and other online marketing assistance services are provided by S. C. Harrell Consulting Services, the owners and operators of FacilityAXS.