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Every company, no matter the products or services they offer, needs suppliers in order to fulfill its mission objectives. Like suppliers, all of those other companies deploy some form of marketing and promotional efforts in order to affect sales that sustain their operations and create profits.  More and more, over the last two decades, since the introduction of the internet companies are incorporating online market tools at the heart of their sales campaigns. 

The Facts:

Today's suppliers of all types and sizes – from the local mom-and-pop size to the larger "Big-Box" stores – have set up shop in cyberspace. Why? Because they know that most of the industrialized world is doing business online.  The Internet gives everyone a global reach!  More than at any other time, small suppliers can stand side-by-side with the larger, more dominant ones and gain access to markets that were once beyond their reach. Over the last two decades, the emergence of the Internet and its ability to seamlessly integrate into business processing has demonstrated its ability to empower even the smallest of organizations.

Some of these suppliers include:

  • Large wholesale outlets, such as Costco, Pets Mart,  Home Depot.Lowe's Home Improvement, Pet's-Mart, Sam's Club, Wal-Mart, etc., 
  • Small local suppliers associated with wholesale distributors, like Lagasse Sweet, Sally's Hair Products, and others,
  • Product Manufacturers like, SC Johnson Professionals, and many others.

Regardless of industry or the size of the business, virtually every member of a supply chain needs to be listed in the FacilityAXS™ Business Directory.  Especially since the listing is FREE.

For a small monthly fee, the FacilityAXS™ places all suppliers within reach of prospective buyers searching for goods and services, establishing meaningful and sustainable long-term business relationships that result in increased sales opportunities for suppliers as well as customer satisfaction.  

You Can Never Have Too Much FREE or Low-Cost Exposure.