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Posted By on 12/09/2020

Why Choose Palisade Fencing to Secure Your Home?

Why Choose Palisade Fencing to Secure Your Home?

Installing a fence around your home is vital for ensuring complete security. Out of the various security fencing options available, palisade fencing in Cape Town is one of the most common choices. Palisade fencing consists of various vertical rails that are connected using two horizontal rails.

The main reason that palisade fencing is such a common choice is the flexibility of size. It is available in varying heights, ranging from 1 metre to 3 metres. Another reason behind the popularity of palisade fencing is its easy care and maintenance. (Information source: https://www.spfa.co.za/fencing/)

Why is Palisade Fencing the Most Secure fencing?

The primary aim of installing a fence is to secure a certain area, whether it is a residential premise or a commercial establishment. A fence ensures that intruders cannot enter the establishment and prevents people from leaving the premises. For instance, in a school palisade fencing will ensure that the students cannot get off the school premises.

Since fences are mainly used to prevent people from getting through to the other side, palisade fencing is designed in such a way that one cannot easily climb the fence. There are no footholds on the fence and these fences can be up to 3 metres in height. This makes palisade fencing a vertical obstacle, offering a high degree of security.

Palisade fencing in Cape Town also acts as a great visual obstacle. Having fences around the house prevents people passing by from looking into your property, it provides privacy to your premises. To offer a greater degree of security for commercial spaces, these fences often come with spikes on the top which prevents any attempts by trespassers of climbing the fence and entering the space.

The Strength of Steel Palisade Fences

Generally, palisade fences are manufactured from steel. Steel is one of the strongest and most durable materials available. The use of steel ensures that the palisade fencing is built to offer a long life span. The steel palisade fence can withstand harsh weather conditions and guards the space permanently.

The surface of these fences is powder coated or galvanised to prevent the steel from rusting. Rust can weaken the fence and hamper its durability. These treatments ensure that the fence remains resistant to adverse weather conditions. The powder coating also ensures that the fence can function with little repairs and maintenance required.

Lastly, the construction of the palisade fence is very simple, yet effective. The steel fence rails are manufactured to withstand a lot of force and punishment. The modern fences are strong and sturdy, ensuring that they can’t be broken easily. They can withstand punishment and offer protection to the space they are guarding.

These are some of the benefits of palisade fencing. Since these fences are manufactured from steel you can choose from an array of finishes and colour options, to suit the aesthetics of your home. You can also choose your desired shape and height to suit your aesthetic needs.

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