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Best Third-Party HR Payroll services provider - RCSL

Best Third-Party HR  Payroll services provider - RCSL

RCSL offers the best third-party payroll services that help any organization improve business efficiency and gives excess time to focus on multiple business aspects. Due to complex and demanding statutory frameworks HR payroll services become challenging, it's become more exhausting and resource-consuming if you have an in-house team for that.

Outsourcing HR  Payroll services from third-party payroll service providers can help businesses minimize the costs, manage employer-related risks, reduce administrative burdens, maintain information confidentiality, and improve organizational effectiveness.

Our Third-Party HR  Payroll service capabilities:

Riddhi Corporate Services Limited (RCSPL) is one of the leading specialized Third-party payroll services vendors in India with some of the top business houses on its client list.

1. expertise in compliance : 

 Our experienced third-party HR  Payroll service experts, back your business's legal and tax activities, and ensure that you are not exposed to any risk of non-compliance.

2. On-time payments release : 

we are completely making this HR payroll services fully online making the operation hassle-free and smooth – meaning, the salaries of your employees are distributed on time. We generate payslips on time in hard-copy and password-protected PDF files, and also distributed by email. one can also get all details on the online self-service portal for employees.

3. Application-based support:

 We have an advanced employee attendance system( EAS) where employees can keep track of their work time, their OT, Leave Details, request for time off or sick leave and then quickly approve it with their managers. 

RCSL has been leading the competitive market with its quality of services at low service cost. our dedicated and experienced staff with advanced technology platforms in place to provide real-time and immediate solutions.

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