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Posted By on 01/01/2018 in Category 1




Posted on  by haleykeizur in stories

Lights twinkle, presents overflow from beneath the crystalized pine tree, the scent of freshly-baked cookies wafts through the air. As metallic red wrapping paper is torn apart and beautifully-tied bows are carelessly tossed aside, succeeded by gleeful grins and laughs and bites are taken from soft, gooey desserts, it is important to remember those that lack access to those experiences.

Many families, especially in Puyallup, do not have the money for presents or extravagant holiday meals; some lack a safe and secure home or any home at all. Those who are fortunate enough to have access to those things or even those who do not, should consider donating time, money or gifts to local organizations.

By volunteering in the community, not only would you be helping out your friends in the area but you could also learn a lot about yourself and what you enjoy doing.

Senior Rimpal Kaur Bajwa volunteers at a variety of places in the community, such as Karshner Elementary School as a tutor, the St. Francis House, Step by Step and FISH Food Bank. She also takes advantage of  volunteer opportunities presented by Key Club, HOSA and other PHS clubs. Bajwa has seen the positive results of community service throughout her life.

“Community service has benefitted me by allowing me to participate in something greater than myself and ultimately helping me discover my inner passion. A passion that has motivated me to pursue my future goal of becoming an advocate for the voices that are often ignored to ensure that every individual in the community is given both equal treatment and equal opportunity,” Bajwa said. “Serving as a volunteer has prepared me for the future by teaching me to avoid becoming consumed with my own problems and urging me to consider everyone’s situation.”