Podcasting, the future of storytelling
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Podcasting, the Future of Storytelliing

Podcasting, the Future of Storytelliing

6 Reasons Why Podcasting Is The Future Of Storytelling

Since the beginning of time (and the advent of humans), oral storytelling has served a critical role as the sole means of abstracting experiences and emotions in narrative form.  Ancient oral storytellers were revered keepers of local knowledge, history, and traditions in their communities.

Fast-forward many millennia and storytelling has greatly changed-- video’s basically killed the radio star (save maybe Ira Glass and Howard Stern), but now we’ve got podcasts. And 2015 was a huge year for podcasting. Among other milestones, we saw mega hit Serial crest 100 million downloads and the medium have its first interview with a sitting U.S. President. The buzz and attention translated into a 24% increase in regular listeners.

Coming off this seismic growth, it’s natural to question if podcasting’s growth will be sustained or whether a collection of fluke events drove unusually high listener numbers, soon to revert back to the mean.

I believe podcasts are here to stay. In fact, I believe podcasting will become the most important storytelling medium. Here are six reasons 

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