What is a Sales Funnel?
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Posted By on 05/03/2019 in Category 1

What is a Sales Funnel? And how do you build one?

What is a Sales Funnel? And how do you build one?

The easiest way to explain a sales funnel is, the path your prospect takes on the way to becoming your customer. In other words, it refers to the buying process that organizations lead their prospects through to convert them to a customer.

A sales funnel is divided into several stages, from market identification to lead generation to nurturing the leads and more.

Like a real world funnel, the top category of your sales funnel most often will start with brand identify or awareness, do people know who you are?  That is often followed up with your website.  After that the funnel narrows in on specifics.  You drive prospects down this path until the point where they just can't say no to purchasing your product.


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