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Posted By FacilityAXS.net on 03/10/2021 in Education
Become an EduPreneur!

Become an EduPreneur!

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HonuaTree EduPreneur Affiliate Initiative enables Educators to apply their passion for teaching as Entrepreneurs

HonuaTree Edupreneur Affiliate Initiative (EAI) was developed to enable educators with the ability to set up and operate their own online education services,

Our purpose is to leverage our technology to "facilitate" setting up Educators with the tools they will need to satisfy the transfer of knowledge to their students while helping them promote and sustain themselves as education service providers.

The HonuaTree EduPreneur Affiliate Initiative (EAI) is a "Collaboration" consisting of:

  1. Educators seeking a self-employment opportunity in their chosen profession,
  2. Students/Parents in need of Educators to teach them via distance learning,
  3. Schools Systems desiring to offer distance learning efficiently and cost-effectively, and
  4. Technology Providers, with solutions designed to improve the academic outcomes of those using their solutions

Learn how you can participate in the continuing education of America's youth while creating a self-sustaining source of income for yourself.

Ninety percent (90%) of the $500 Setup Fee will be waived for all new EduPreneurs who join us during 2021!

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